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Cities for the Single

America is huge. There are a lot of contenders for being the best city for singles, though as you will soon find out, that is very subjective. Know what you are looking for, what type of life suits you and figure out which city is best for you.


You will find that most of the career-driven will flock to cities that seem to have ties with major universities- this is no coincidence. A lot of these universities will not only try to keep their graduates in the area, but will also try to attract other newly grads to stay in close proximity. With universities providing their own jobs as well as a lot of institutes for research and education, a lot of medical and science related jobs will be found in such cities.

So, for those who have their sights set on their financial future, where is a good place to begin jump starting their careers?

Starting off is a hugely university-influenced city, where graduates from here and nearby Boston are looking to find their jump start in their professional lives. Once you have like minded individuals mingling in a city which can boast dozens of top employers, you have the perfect place for a budding young professional or a career minded single man or woman. Being surrounded by the likes of Novartis Institutes of BioMedical Research, Sanofi-Genzyme, BioVentures and Biogen Idec, put on your running shoes because you are stepping on the fast track.

Houston, Texas

Not only is Houston the home of the Rockets, but it is also arguably the biggest job creating city in the US. Houston houses a very large collection of Fortune 500 Companies, with a lot of oil and energy industries that are only going to grow bigger. There are still a few start ups around, but most of the employment opportunity will come from already established big leagues.

Durham, North Carolina

Durham follows the same trend as Cambridge as an attraction for young or single professionals. Durham is the home of the famous Research Triangle Park, and is stated as the City of Medicine. Tread seriously when in Durham, as you will looking at the likes of IMB, Cisco Systems, Inc., and Glaxo Wellcome.

Silicon Valley, California

Residing close to the San Francisco Bay area, Silicon Valley just had to be mentioned. With thousands of startups and tech institutes and companies calling this place home, as well as having its own TV series, those of the keyboard quick draw technique and the always churning brain behind dusty glasses will find Silicon Valley both welcoming and intimidating at the same time. If your dreams are lofty and your intuition is sharp, try claiming your stake here.

Cincinnati, Ohio

A Midwestern City with a welcoming enough vibe and apartments that will not necessarily cause you to go bankrupt within the first month, Cincinnati is another home of many Fortune 500 companies: Kroger, Procter and Gamble, Macy’s and more. The pay is good and the job opportunities are ample.

New York City

Just like Silicon Valley, you just knew that NYC would be on the list- it probably also will be on the other lists, as NYC is simply the place to be. While not having its own TV shows, it has its own song that is quite famous, with the message reasonably simple: NYC is the city where dreams come true. If you are a young professional that does not need the utmost reassurance that everything will go according to plan, then it may be worth taking a gamble in the city that never sleeps.


Some people just want to enjoy their youth, working hard and not necessarily partying every other night. The singles vibe is strong in the cities on this list, simply because the quality of life here is satisfying, fulfilling and will generally let you have a well deserved breather every once in a while.

New York City

Surprise, surprise, NYC is mentioned yet again under a different list. However, NYC is really one of the best cities for singles- it’s a city that never sleeps, a city of bright lights, street food and a hotpot of culture. It looks like you won’t ever get bored here. Best of all, NYC attracts a lot of people who are somewhat similar to you, so you might just find your match here.

Salt Lake City, Utah

Salt Lake City, where unemployment is low and cost of living is reasonably low, it is probably the best place to stay when you want to a laid back life where you are not clamoring over your next bill and will be surrounded by generally good people. There are major ski resorts close to the city, so you can essentially hit the slopes after getting off work.

Miami, Florida

The home of the Heat is home to bikini weather, beautiful beaches and awesome singles bars. The diners and drinking areas are some of the best in the country and with small start ups popping up in the food and drink industry, it may also be a good destination for newly grads looking for a place to live the life while making a living.

Oakland, California

Oakland Cali, now dubbed as «Brooklyn by the bay», is home to a ton of clothing shops, coffee places and vegan restaurants- basically everything that’s popular with the youth today. The entire area feels so authentic and vintage, and for the young single man or woman, the place will feel welcoming, and they will be right at home.

Seattle, Washington

Seattle is one of the best cities for single men and single women, for its beautiful couch weather where you just want to curl up and read a book. This goes perfectly with the many cafes dotted around the area, where the original Starbucks had made its home. The cost rate of living is pretty low, and a lot of tech companies can be found here as well.

Denver, Colorado

Ah, Denver. The home of the Nuggets and the home of probably the biggest collection of beer in the US- it apparently brews the most beer in the nature. It is safe to say it is going to be a favorite among the 20s single crowd. It also holds the Great American Beer Festival every October, and when the name is such, you just know that it’s a celebrating and a half. Despite the drunken undertone, there are also a lot of bike trails and a high number of entry level jobs, so you aren’t going to be staying there just to have to stave off a hangover every morning.


Here, now, is a list of the best cities for single women and single men in the US. As you can expect, you will find the central theme of these cities to be the casinos, the booze, the dating scene and everything else in between. You won’t have to be single here for long, but if you want to, then you will just have more time to live it up.

Miami Beach, Florida

A great place to live during the day and a great place to party during the night, Miami, the beach, and Florida are all generally places you want to go to enjoy yourself. The guys are well dressed and the girls are beautiful- however, the fun does not always come cheap, so have enough budgets to enjoy yourself.

Las Vegas, Nevada

This is obviously going to be on the list. One of the best cities for singles, hen parties or bachelor parties, you will find stuff to do at any hour, anywhere in the area. Night clubs, strip clubs, casinos, bars- you name it, you will probably find it. Before spending a night out in Las Vegas, however, try to discipline yourself with a set budget, unless you want to lose it all in one night.

Nashville, Tennessee

You know that the home of country music will be great fun with the sun goes down. There are tons of bars with musical acts, so it’s a great place to hang out with a couple of friends, go bar hopping, sing karaoke and generally have a good time.

New York City

New York is obviously everywhere on this list, and is an obvious contented for the best city for single men and women looking for a great night out. It is not called a city that never sleeps for no reason. Take a bite of the Big Apple and hang on for the ride.

Los Angeles, California

The home of the Lakers, L.A. is probably what you could call the city of stars. Living here makes you feel, especially if you are single and career-oriented, like a celebrity, only with a lot less money. A beautiful place to walk around during the night, you will find many places to keep you entertained.

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