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Cities For the Young

With 35 percent of American young adults between ages 18 to 30 presently living at home, their vision of youthful independence has long since been corrupted. The modern young generation has several attempts to leave their nests hindered by poor job openings, their large college debts, and high rents. These are the major problems that oftentimes restrain the young to move out of their own sanctuary. However, if they will be able to get out there and take their own leap of faith, where would be their best chances lie successfully?

The given list below classifies the Best Cities for young people to live in, starting to the number one best cities for young adults as well to enjoy their young lives in the Unites States. This selection is based primarily on local surveys for the best cities for young professionals and among the most colonized cities in the United States. The city’s Livability Index influences a series of factors that are crucial to the welfare of young people ages from 18 to 35 years of age, such as employment rates, average salary, domestic upkeep and rental prices. In addition, some daily factors which usually these data ranking systems oftentimes mark off their priorities, such as accessibility of coffee shops and gigs, the prices of beer and food, bike lane status for commuting more cheaply and the costing for internet connections.

If you are between the ages mentioned above, and still expecting for the perfect time to be detached and jump ship yourself from your comfort zone, consider knowing the best cities for young people and begin relocating yourself to these wonderful and developing cities.

Phoenix, Arizona

Arizona’s main city has a flourishing population of 1,445,632 and still counting, in spite of its hot climate and located precisely in the Sonoran desert it is considered to be one of the best cities for young adults. With youngsters living here usually has an age of late 20’s and early 30’s, you will definitely not the only young professional to consider Phoenix City. So what is their main attraction that might be influencing those young’s mind and for Arizona to be known as one of the best cities for young professionals? For starters, the place is accessible to all, accommodation with an average reasonable rent of $800 for a place with two bedrooms. In addition, Phoenix Arizona has been known to have the cheapest costs for all daily necessities such as groceries compared to other cities in America. The city now has lots of museums, festivals and performing arts venues. There is always something to look forward to in Phoenix, Arizona.


Denver, Colorado

At the fringe of the Rocky Mountains, Denver Colorado has other things to be proud of besides fresh air. With its pleasant climate, a variety of music bars to enjoy, low cost of daily groceries, Denver is known as one of the best cities for young people to live in. Its beautiful and amazing city is famous for its developing industry in technology, microbreweries and its closeness to nature; more so its hills in winter. Denver’s rate of unemployment is 7.2 though it is not something that can ruin one’s hope. Those that have jobs receive an average and comfortable salary of $56,000 per annum.

Long Beach, California

Though Long Beach of California is known to be the United State’s busiest port for containers and in the midst of the world’s largest port for ships, it still maintained its overall relaxed and calmed vibe, which is why it is known to be one of the best cities for young professionals. Usually distinguished as the “city within a city”, Long Beach California is Los Angeles chilled out, and trendy identical part. With developing arts, music scenes, and tourism, Long Beach is an agreeable and laid back hub, which is far from the busy lifestyle in the city. Long Beach’s flourished cycle lane system enhances to its positive and safe environment, reassuring people to tour around the city by using bicycles, which keeps traffic, noise levels and pollution down to its lowest level. The city’s average salary in Long Beach California is an inviting $63,000 per annum and the rate of unemployment is only 6.1%, which makes it one of the best cities for young professionals.


Atlanta, Georgia

With a very high salary of $73,000 per annum and low cost of ways to have fun and excitement, Atlanta is considered to be one of the best cities for young professionals especially those that are just starting out on their own. However, its rate for unemployment is high with 10.9% compared to other cities; it is advisable for young adults to secure a job first before deciding on living in Atlanta. Once you already have a job, rent is reachable at $1,310 with two bedrooms already and utilities are priced fairly. With regards to trends and fashion, Atlanta also leads the rankings in the category of retail. In Atlanta, it is also possible for young people to meet their other half for it has an 8.6% of the single population. In addition, there are numerous different places to do in Atlanta with an estimate of 400 music, nightlife and arts venues to choose from, which is one of the reasons why it is best cities for young adults.

Las Vegas, Nevada

If young adults can avoid going to grand casinos, Las Vegas may rank as one of the best cities for young people to live. This detached resort city has been known to have healthy, service, technology and service job sectors, so it means a young professional has different jobs to choose from. It is leading in cultural and financial center in the whole Southern Nevada. With a single, young population of 14.9%, possibilities of having a romance in Las Vegas is huge. Of course, the nightlife is the main factor to Las Vega’s charm and is one of the best cities for young people because of the quantity of music and entertainment venues found in the city. However, though the prices of accommodation, internet and cigarettes are averagely low, there is no transport system except owning your own car or at least own a bicycle or living in the central part of the city is necessary.

Minneapolis, Minnesota

Minneapolis is an environment-friendly sanctuary, especially commended for its amazing bicycle routes and system. You are in luck if caffeine is what gets you through your busy day – Minneapolis is the city in the United States that has the most number of coffee shops, which is actually equal to its human population. The affordable and progressive city is known for its Midwestern charm. The best cities for young professionals must have large live music and art scenes, low-cost gas and cheap utilities. The rate for unemployment is averagely low at 5.3% and it has a respectable average salary of $52,000 per annum. The one disadvantage to living in Minneapolis is its climate, which mostly has winter temperatures that may reach as low as -41°F.

Seattle, Washington

The Emerald City or simply called Seattle Washington leads the ranking of cities having very cheap and low-cost utilities. However, accommodations can be very high, which costs averagely of $1,580 for a place with two bedrooms. Seattle offsets for this obligation, which is the reason why it is considered best cities for young professionals mainly because of its very low rate of 4.7% in unemployment. In addition, it also offers their professionals an average of $62,000 per annum salary. Cheap take out foods are broadly available and liquors may set them back by an absolute $5. The best cities for young adults must have an amazing public transport system at the same time as secured bicycle lanes that are a shelter for all cyclists seeking to maintain safety from the city’s manic and heavy traffic.


San Francisco, California

San Francisco, California offers lounging at the excessively average rental price of $4,000 for an apartment with two bedrooms. The city also has high prices for groceries and utilities. However, for those who can land a nice job in San Francisco, their salaries may just reflect the very high cost of living, which has an average of $79,000, the main reason why it is one of the best cities for young professionals. Having known to be a huge city, the rate of unemployment is averagely low at 5.9% and has a cheap public transport system, which contains a wide sprawl and was established to be effective. San Francisco’s secrets on being the best cities for young people depend on its entertainment scenes. The city is famous for its gossiping variations of alternative live music, arts, and culinary spots.

Austin, Texas

Though Austin’s liberal attitude and developing live music events have made it progressively famous, the best cities for young adults have sustained to maintain its economical and its authentic meaning of city life. Young people here have an average of 30.9 of age and the city is mainly composed of young with artistic talents seeking to harmonize into and feed the creativity of the environment which the city provides.

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