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Cities in Africa

Africa comprises of many cities that are majestic and lovely in their own right. Africa is mainly known for their safaris and coastal lines rich in marine life and a home to the Great White Shark. Each city boasts of their traditions, cultures, history and the different places to venture. These are the five largest cities in Africa.

Lagos, Nigeria

Lagos is derived from the Portuguese word which means lagoon. It is Nigeria’s capital and has an area of 999.6 km2 only and is now considered as the largest city in Africa surpassing Cairo with an area of 453 km2. It is understood that whatever the size is and how the city is defined, Lagos has become the base of the world’s largest urban areas. It already has a population of 21,000,000 so you don’t need to wonder anymore why people walk side by side bumping to each other, very heavy traffic, overused facilities, high crime rate and pollution of all sorts.

Despite the madness of city life, you still can find refuge and serenity from the great places that you could visit in Lagos. From the warm hospitality of the people, to great hotels and resorts and amazing flora and fauna, you’re making your stay here enjoyable.

Lekki Conservation Center

Its location is in Eti Osa Local Government Area of Lagos found on Lekki Peninsula. It is a wildlife reserve for preserving the natural habitat of various species of plants and animals which makes it a perfect place for nature lovers to pay a visit.

Wonderland Amusement Park and Resort

This world class amusement park and resort is located opposite of the National Stadium Abuja. If offers a lot of fun and entertainment from games and rides for any group of age. There is also a leisure park where you could unwind, several restaurants to get a taste of their delectable dishes and delicacies and shops for your souvenirs and other things.

Cairo, Egypt

Cairo was the largest city in Africa before being surpassed by Lagos because of its booming population. It is situated on the northern part of Egypt and its geography is distinctive and grandly influenced by Nile River. It covers a maximum area of 453 km2. People of the city include Egyptians, Hamitic Arabs, Nubians, Bedouin and Berbers. The dominant religion in the city is Islam however there are also Christians with only a 6% of its population. Cairo’s official currency is called Egyptian pound.

The city has majestic history that serves as an inspiration to a lot of archaeologists, historians and anthropologist. The city of Cairo once became the place of ancient tradition and civilization. Proofs of its magnificent history are The Great Pyramids and Sphinx and other historical monuments. Tourists from around the world except to those who lives in the Middle East who want to visit the city must have a valid visa which has a validity of six months together with a passport. Limousines and Cairo registered taxis (black, yellow or white) are the fastest and easiest way to go around the metro.

Cairo has so much pride in presenting their historical attractions for both locals and tourists alike. In fact, these tourist attractions generate millions of dollars every year.

Great Pyramids of Giza

The Great Pyramids of Giza is notable for its great work of art when it comes to building structures. It is also known as the Pyramid of Cheops or the Pyramid of Khufu. It ranked seventh in the world’s ancient wonders and comprises of three huge pyramids mainly built for the three pharaohs – Khufu, Menkaure and Khafre.

Khan el-Khalili

If you want to go shopping Khan el-Khalili is the place for you. UNESCO proclaimed it as a World Heritage Site because it is considered as one of the biggest and ancient markets in the world. It is called Khan for short and was known as the Turkish bazaar during the dynasty of Ottoman. There are vast items being traded here and you could choose from trinkets to clothing, vases and carpets.

Alexandria, Egypt

Alexandria is second largest city in Egypt. The city was named after Alexander the Great who discovered the place and was made Greco-Roman Egypt’s capital. It is the largest seaport in Egypt and its gateway to the Mediterranean Sea for imports and exports as well.

Alexandria is a good place to go for its private and public beaches and was dubbed as the Pearl of the Mediterranean for nothing. The city has a lot of attractions to offer to keep you coming back for more.


Pietro Avoscani, an Italian Egyptian was the one who designed Corniche in 1870. It is a waterfront promenade where the road runs along the harbor of Alexandria. There are numerous restaurants situated here where you can choose to eat from when hunger pangs strike from the long water strolling. They offer fresh caught fishes and other mouthwatering sea foods to cook.

Alexandria Library (Bibliotheca Alexandria)

It was considered as the largest library in the world with a cultural center located in the shores of the Mediterranean Sea. It is here where great thinkers, poets, mathematicians and scientists gather to study and exchange information and ideas. Shelves are filled with about 700,000 scrolls which is equivalent to a100, 000 modern printed books or more. You will find here different writings attributed by different philosophers, poets and writers. Unfortunately, it comes into ruins by fire and was neglected during the war.

Bibliotheca Alexandria contains books written in English, French and Arabic. The National Library of France donated 500, 000 books in French and became the French primary library in Africa. Until today it is submerged partly in a pool of water just like in the ancient times.

Cape Town, South Africa

Cape Town is called the Mother City and is located near the sea and the Table Mountain. It is the Mother City or primate city because it is the number one city in its country mainly for media, economy, politics, universities and culture. There are lots of people who settle here from different walks of life, religion and races but still live a harmonious life. It’s like live and let live and respecting each other’s principles and traditions. There are more ways than one to enjoy your stay in Cape Town. Are you a shopaholic, a beach-goer, or a nature lover? Name it they all have it here!

Clifton Beaches

Clifton has four beaches which are easy to reach by steps from the Victoria Rd. These beaches formation is done by the huge granite boulders that broke up. It is a great place to sunbathe since the place is protected from the wind. Stuffs to quench your thirst and sunglasses for the sunbathers to beat the heat are always available from ambulant vendors.

The 1st and 2nd of Clifton Beaches are located in the north and by far the longest beaches of the four. The 3rd Clifton Beach is called the gay beach, as the name implies although sometimes straight folks swim here too. And last but not the least is Clifton 4th which is famous for the families. The icy cold water from the Antarctic will give you a chill down to your spine.

Table Mountain

The Table Mountain National Park has an area of 220 km2 that embraces beaches dotted by boulders, shady forests and sandstone mountains. It extends from Signal Hill to Cape Point and host different activities such as climbing, hiking, cycling, wildlife viewing, sport fishing and climbing.

Durban, South Africa

Durban is natural Eden for its beautiful coastlines of captivating beaches and amazing subtropical climate. You will find it located in the Africa’s eastern seaboard. It is one of the largest cities in Africa and is known as eThekweni in Zulu. Its original name was Port Natal and was discovered by British settlers.

Shark Cage Diving

Are you brave enough to face your fears? Then you are in for a real adventure of your life that you will never forget. Durban offers shark cage diving and requires no experience. You will have a 30 minute stay in the cage watching different kinds of sharks that hover around near your protective domain. Shark species include Tiger Sharks, Spinner Sharks, Dusky and Black Tip Sharks.

Scuba Diving

Do you want bolder underwater adventure? Then go scuba diving and discover the wonders and beauty of the underwater world. Aliwal Shoal nestles a magnificent marine ecosystem that is abundant in colorful corals, a variety of fish species, whales and other marine animals. The reefs are also home to ragged-tooth sharks, tiger sharks and Zambezi.

If you are lucky enough you might witness the Sardine Run which is an incredible natural phenomena to watch out for which happens only once in a year. Every winter, large shoals of sardines migrate and are being trailed by a battalion of whales, sharks, dolphins, games birds such as marlins and game birds that delight on them. Whales and dolphins drive these perky little fishes to the swallow waters and began feasting on them.

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