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Cities in California

California is one of, if not the most well-known states in America. California is imagined to be bright, colorful, full of life and exciting. Beaches dot the landscape; many huge companies offer a lot of opportunities for employment.

Most significantly, everyone knows the home of entertainment lies in California. The biggest and brightest stars have gotten their start in Cali, and have cemented their fame in Hollywood.

Aside from the entertainment industry, California was one of the first states in America to adjust to the information area, and many big companies focusing on technology, medicine and general sciences can be found there, as well as centers of education that provide an opportunity to tread on this path.

Here is a list of the biggest cities in California by population and by geography:

Largest Cities in California By Population

California is a very, very populous state. Few residents opt to leave the area, and many new residents are moving in to stay. It has some of the biggest and most notable industries in the United States, and many Fortune 500 companies have made it their home.

  • 1. Los Angeles. Of course, the city of Los Angeles sits as the current largest city in California by a long shot, being home to just under 4 million people. It comes in second in population in the United States, and has one of the richest economies in the world. Los Angeles is a central power in the United States with media, education, science and technology all present in the area. However, Los Angeles is most well known for its entertainment sector, the Hollywood District. All the major film studios can be found here: Warner Bros, Universal Studios, Paramount Pictures, Walt Disney Studios, Paramount Pictures and 21st Century Fox. Many people come here education, entertainment, career opportunities and, of course, the chance to be a star.
  • 2. San Diego. The second largest population in the United States can be found in the city of San Diego, holding a population of over 1.3 million people. San Diego’s economy is mostly centralized on its port as well as its military. The port is a sect for submarine and shipping, with many yards dotting the coast. Most of the businesses in San Diego are focused on military defense and service with many holding contracts and creating military job opportunities.
  • 3. San Jose. San Jose at third carries a population of approximately a little over 1 million people, and is the home of Silicon Valley. During the time of the Spanish colony, the military was the major focus. Now, however, San Jose is a center of large high-tech companies, with education and job opportunities focusing on the sciences and information technology- of course, such is why the area was dubbed Silicon Valley. Many large universities are found here, as well as employment options with large pay. The people of San Jose may be said to have one of the highest net income per household in the United States.
  • 4. San Francisco. San Francisco has a population of approximately over 800 thousand people, coming in as the fourth largest city in California. San Francisco is one of the most popular cities in the United States when it comes to tourism, which a very powerful driving forces behind its economy. The surface of San Francisco appeals to many tourists, and is considered a center of the cosmopolitan. It is surrounded by the infamous Alcatraz Island, the Golden Gate Bridge as well as Chinatown. Despite its economy being heavily pushed along by tourism, San Francisco is also well-known for its technology and finance fronts.
  • 5. Fresno. Fresno comes in at fifth, and has a population of approximately just over 500 thousand people. A largely agricultural city, California State University, Fresno calls it home. Fresno is largely surrounded by rural areas, in which agricultural development plays a large role in its economy. There are also significant companies to be found here, most notably Sony Music Distribution/Sony Computer Entertainment.
  • 6. Sacramento. Sacramento places 6th on the list, holding a population of approximately a little under 500 thousand people. Sacramento is considered the state of California, and is the home of the NBA’s Sacramento Kings. Sacramento’s economy had been mostly dominated by government employment, though, during the last few years, the pace has been shifting towards private employment, and thus job opportunities may increase in the next coming years. Traditional businesses are mostly found in the area, and technology and sciences are slowly coming into focus for the city.
  • 7. Long Beach. One of the enticing sounding cities in the entire world, Long Beach has a population of fewer than 500 thousand people. The Navy had a very predominant presence in the past, however, now the main driving force behind Long Beach’s economy is in the oil industry as well as its shipping ports, which are considered the largest in the country. There are also industries in technology and health care, as well as aerospace in the area.

Largest Cities in California By Geography

Given that California has such a large population, it also has big areas of land as well. California has many beaches, and, therefore has a lot of shipping ports around the area, and the study of marine biology is also popular because of it.

  • 1. Los Angeles. Lost Angeles is the largest city in California by both population and geography. It covers an area of approximately 468.7 square miles. Los Angeles is one of the biggest tourist attractions itself in the entire world. It is the home of many large communications, health and technology industries. Of course, it is most widely known as the home of Hollywood. People come to Los Angeles just to see Hollywood and perhaps get a glimpse of their favorite megastars. Some even go there to have a shot at becoming a star themselves.
  • 2. San Diego. Being the second of the largest cities in California by geography, San Diego has an area of approximately 325.2 square miles. A huge part of the tourism in San Diego is generated by its museums: San Diego Natural History Museum, San Diego Museum of Man, San Diego Museum of Art and many more. Aside from these, there are also theaters for performances as well as opera houses.
  • 3.California City. California City at third covers an area of approximately 203.5 square miles. It is a small town with under 15 thousand people. The Mojave Air and Space port can be found here, as well as the Edwards Air Force Base as well as some small businesses and opportunities for employment.
  • 4. San Jose. San Jose, with the third largest population in California, is the fourth largest city in California in terms of area, covering approximately 176.5 square miles. Silicon Valley itself is a huge attraction for tourists and residents alike, being such a central force of technology. Aside from Silicon Valley, famous places include the California Theatre, the Municipal Rose Garden, the Tech Museum of Innovation and the J. Lohr Winery.
  • 5. Bakersfield. Bakersfield places fifth on the list of the largest cities in California going by geography, with an area of approximately 142.2 square meters. Bakersfield has multiple events catering to musical and theatrical performances, as well as a number of movie theaters. There are also museums, as well as hands on lesson on how to extract oil.
  • 6. Fresno. At sixth, Fresno covers an area of approximately 111.9 square meters. While being a highly agricultural concentrated area, Fresno has a LOT of theaters, both musical and theatrical, such as: the Azteca Theatre, the Liberty Theatre and the Veteran’s Memorial Auditorium.
  • 7. Palmdale. As the seventh biggest city in California, Palmdale has an area of approximately 106.0 square meters. The biggest driving force behind Palmdale’s economy is aerospace. The aerospace industry has always been very important to Palmdale, though now, the manufacturing industry is also becoming significant, with many manufacturing companies moving to Palmdale due to budget and accessibility.

California is and will always remain at the forefront area of the states of America. Its industries include advanced sciences, technology development, manufacturing, shipping and education. As it cannot be stressed enough, the biggest thing that California has going for it is Hollywood. This already ensures that tourism will always contribute greatly to the economy, as Hollywood will keep on growing and more talent will always be added to the roster.

Aside from Hollywood, tourists see California has a generally pleasant place to stay, with most people particularly wanting to move to Los Angeles. There is a very good education to find as well as a lot of opportunities for employment since a very large chunk of Fortune 500 companies is in Cali.

This West Coast state is the most populous in the entire country, with diverse cultures and distinct vibes from each city. It is probably one of the first states most people will want to move to after graduating from university- the opportunities are abundant, the education is good, the beaches area awesome and Hollywood is just right around the corner.

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