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Cleanest Cities in the World

One of the less discussed topics about travelling is cleanliness. Many places turn out to be different from how it is perceived due to unclean environment, overflowing garbage or even unhygienic waste disposal. However, there are places where you can be assured that you have entered a city as picture perfect as it is advertised.

Freiburg, Germany

Known as an “eco-city”, Freiburg citizens have been known to pursue eco-friendly strategies. Surrounded by lush, green hills and a scenic landscape, Freiburg attracts a lot of tourists. The Freiburg city council have taken things a bit further by announcing permits to only “low-energy buildings” on municipal lands. Some neighbourhoods of the city has been specially constructed on the principles of sustainability.

Oslo, Norway

The capital city of Norway is not only the most populous city in Norway but it is also one of the cleanest city in the world. The government in Oslo is particularly diligent to keeping the city clean. With eco-friendly waste management schemes and the absence of landfills, Oslo is admired for its beautiful green areas, parks, lakes and gardens.

Helsinki, Finland

The Finnish capital city is admired for it scenic landscapes, exotic tourist attractions and breath-taking architecture. The authorities take special care to maintain the cleanliness of this Scandinavian city and as a result, industry emissions in the city have dropped considerably over the decades. Other than being an educational and cultural hub, Helsinki aims to provide an eco-friendly environment to the citizens and tourists alike.

Cleanest Cities

Wellington, New Zealand

In spite of not being hugely popular among tourists, it is one of the cleanest cities in the world. Wellington boasts of wonderful theme parks, museums, clean environment and green surroundings, which makes it a relaxing place to visit. The city also has a high-functioning public transport system, which is preferred by the citizens than personal transport.

Copenhagen, Denmark

This remarkably clean city in rich in culture and traditions and is flawlessly maintained by authorities. The Danish capital has aimed to become completely carbon neutral by the year 2025.

Kobe, Japan

The Japanese city of Kobe has clutter less infrastructure, which helps to reduce air pollution through smooth movement of traffic. The city is also famous for having an advanced drainage system in place that separates the storm drainage from the sewage system. Due to this the waste treatment does not get affected by heavy rainfall. It is also highly populated and boasts of many interesting tourist attractions.

Minneapolis, USA

Located on both sides of Mississippi river, Minneapolis is also referred to as “the water city”. The authorities do a lot to keep the city clean and have actually banned smoking in public. It also takes the necessary steps to remove graffiti within twenty fours of a report being filed. It also has a highly developed public transport system.

Honolulu, Hawaii

A tropical paradise, tourists have always been skeptical about Honolulu due to the fear of volcanic smog and particles. However, this clean city has remained unaffected by the harmful effects of volcanic destruction. The capital of the island does not tolerate garbage at all.

Adelaide, Australia

The capital of South Australia has displayed an incredible effort in recycling and cleanliness. It is the fifth largest city in Australia and is considered to be one of the best cities to live. The authorities have come up with regulations to reduce landfills around the city, with focus on waste reduction.

Calgary, Canada

Located between Rocky Mountains and Prairies in Canada, Calgary is considered to be the cleanest city in the world. It has an advanced sanitation system the reduce the amount of waste that is sent to the landfills. With excellent living conditions and organized communities, Calgary is also equipped with advanced water filtration and purification systems.

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