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Cloudiest cities

In terms of large cities, Portland and Seattle top the list of cloudiest cities in the US. There will be solid overcast in 9 major American cities. Most of these cities are besides Great Lakes and Pacific Northwest. When you find cloudiest cities, these are cities where the cloud will cover for at least half of the year and the coverage will be at least three fourth of the sky.

Cities in the US

These cities are Seattle, Portland, Buffalo, Pittsburgh, Cleveland, Rochester, Columbus, Cincinnati and Detroit. In Buffalo, partial clouds are more prevalent than Seattle. If the cloud coverage is in between one-fourth to three fourth, it is called as partial cloud. Portland is the country’s sixth cloudiest major city.

The cloudy days of the year stand in between 85 % to 75% at the following cities. They are Buffalo, Seattle, Pittsburgh, Rochester, Cleveland, Portland, Columbus, Detroit, Miami, Cincinnati, Hartford, Chicago, Indianapolis, Orlando, Milwaukee and Houston.

There are 14 American major cities which are listed as cities which experience below average partially cloudy weather. The partial coverage will be for at least 110 days. The cloud coverage will be in between one quarter and three quarters of the sky. These cities never experienced heavy overcast as well. If the cloud covers more than three fourths of the sky, they are said to be cloudiest cities. These cities are Miami, Orlando, Tampa, Denver, Jacksonville, New York, San Antonio, New Orleans, San Diego, Los Angeles, Houston, Austin, Philadelphia and Birmingham.

Cloudiest cities in winter

You might be interested to know cloudiest cities in the US during the winter season. There are some cities where thick clouds will be formed for at least 3 out of 4 days. These cities include Portland, Seattle and Buffalo. As mentioned earlier, the overcast will be more in areas that are closer to Pacific Northwest and near the Great Lakes. Dense clouds are experienced for more than 50 days in 16 cities. These clouds will be more during December, January and February. These are called grey winter days where the snow coverage will be for more than three quarters of the sky.

The major cities in this category include Portland, Seattle, Buffalo, Cleveland, Rochester, Pittsburgh, Columbus, Detroit, Cincinnati, Indianapolis, Louisville, Chicago, Salt Lake City, Houston, Milwaukee and Nashville.

There will be partial clouds as well as complete clouds. If there is nine out of 10 ten days, it is called as partial cloud. There will be clouds for at least 3 out of 4 days. These cities include Buffalo, Rochester, Cleveland, Portland, Pittsburgh, Seattle, Detroit, Columbus, Cincinnati, Indianapolis, Louisville, Salt Lake City, Chicago and Milwaukee.

There are some cities where partial clouds are found during some days in winter. However, they are not cloudy during majority of days. You should know the difference so that you can plan your stay as per your convenience. Some cities under this category include Miami, Tampa, Denver, Orlando, New York, San Diego, San Francisco and Hartford.

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