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Conservative countries

Fundamentally, countries are always divided in their ideological views between the liberal way and the conservative way. But some countries really do raise the bar of being true to their principles. This might not always be a good thing. When a country becomes conservative to the core and pushes all boundaries of ideological belief.

If you are planning to travel abroad, then it would be better to find out which of the countries would be more enjoyable or not according to your ideological beliefs. Now, there are countries which are extremely conservative and there are countries like America, where liberals and conservative live side by side.

Most of the extremely conservative countries have strict laws and codes of conduct. Some of these countries are also extremely wealthy but that wealth is concentrated in the hands of a select few.


Saudi Arabia: Conservative society

Saudi Arabia is one of the few countries that have absolute monarchy. However, the royals decreed the Basic Law of Saudi Arabia in 1992. According to these laws, the monarch has to follow the Sharia Law and the Quran. The country follows and enforces strict code of conduct. Women are required to wear veils and alcohol is not permitted in many places. However with the recent boost of globalisation, Saudi Arabia has started to be a little more lenient. Tourist have now started travelling to this country of wonderful culture and history.

Singapore: Conservative Laws

Singapore had once been referred to as “partly free”. Even though the country is a republic, its strict laws and rules are nothing short of conservative. Singapore has always ranked high when it comes to law & order, nonexistent corruption, and an admirable justice system. However, the country has always been criticised due to its lack of Freedom of Speech. Be careful when you travel around as Singapore has strict punishment even for littering.

Pakistan: Conservative ideology

The social rift is very pronounced in Pakistan. The rich are extremely rich, the poor are poor and the middle class can’t seem to decide which way to go. The political ideology of the country has seen many a shift and tilt as Pakistan have been ruled at different times by parties of different ideologies. Under military dictatorship, Pakistan has had an extremely conservative ideology.


However, after becoming a democracy there has been a sea change in certain ideological stance. Escalating lack of social security and terrorism has stopped the complete transition of Pakistan into a liberal state. Travelling to this country is quite unsafe due to the recent waves of terrorist attacks.

Morocco: Constitutional monarchy

The North African country of Morocco is a monarchy with an elected parliament. The king has executive and legislative power over many of the states functions. The parliament also exercises powers but the king can issue dahir, which is as good as a law. This is a very beautiful country with vast historical and cultural heritage. In spite of the strict laws, travelling to this country is a delight.


These are only a few of the countries those can be visited. There are many other gulf countries, African countries and South Asian countries that are extremely conservative but these countries are either fraught with unrest or war.

Being conservative does not necessarily mean that a country cannot be visited. In fact, many of the conservative countries are rich with historical and cultural traditions and also good food.

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