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The official name of Hong Kong is ‘Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of the People’s Republic of China’. The city is located on the southern coast of china. Hong Kong is blessed with deep natural harbor. The population density is very high. The population of the country is seven million. the city is famous for its expansive skyscrapers. As per the Heritage Foundation Index of Economic Freedom, the country is named as the freest market economy. 93.6% of the population of Hong Kong is ethnic Chinese.


Before finding out what country is Hong Kong in, you should want to know the history of the country. During 1830’s China was defeated by the British Empire in the Opium war. It became a British colony after cessation from the Hong Kong Island. During the World War-II, it was occupied by Japan. The British exercised control on the region until 1997. As per the Sino-Indian joint declaration, Hong Kong was transferred to China. Thus, the city has become the first China’s special administrative region. The city enjoyed highest level of freedom under the principle, ‘one country two systems’.

The city has got recognition as world city because of the great economic development it has achieved in recent years. It has become a trade hub and global financial center. As per the Global Cities Index, it stands next to New York, London, Tokyo and Paris. The per capita income of the city is very high. However, the income inequality is very high. The human development index of the city is very high.

The taxation is very low and free trade is allowed in the city. The Hong Kong dollar is the 13th most traded currency in the world. The public transportation system in Hong Kong is well developed. The city relies on mass transit including road and rail. The city face severe air pollution problem.

More about Hong Kong

There are four sections in Hong Kong. They are Kowloon, Hong Kong Island, New Territories and Outlying Islands. Kowloon and New Territories are located to the north of Victoria Harbor and these two islands form part of the Chinese mainland. Hong Kong Island contains the central business hub. It lies on the southern side of the harbor. There are about 234 outlying islands in Hong Kong.

The local time is 8 hours past GMT (Greenwich Mean Time). The official language of Hong Kong is English and Cantonese. Mandarin is the other main language. If you are a citizen of US, you can visit Hong Kong with a valid passport. No visa is required if the stay is less than 3 months. In case of British citizens, no visa is required and they can stay up to 6 months without visa. Similarly, Canadians, Australians and New Zealanders can stay up to 3 months without visa and having a valid passport. The passports should have validity for at least one month after the period of the intended stay. Southafricans can stay up to one month without visa.

As you know what country is Hong Kong in, you should understand about the climatic conditions, preferred time to visit and other facilities available for comfortable stay. There is no specific health risks associated with the travel to Hong Kong. However, visitors are advised to drink bottled water for first few days of their visit so that they will be able to adjust for the change in climate and food.

There are first class healthcare facilities in Hong Kong. You are expected to pay money in cash. Even though high quality medical care is available you are advised to have insurance. There will be very mild temperature during October and November. Hence, you can plan during those months to visit Hong Kong. There will be fierce air conditioning in shops and offices during summer season. Hence, you are advised to bring warm cloths to protect yourself.

Business & Customs

There might be floods in between April and October. Even though Hong Kong is a safe destination for travel, you should take precautions so that you can protect yourself from pickpockets. There will be fine if you spit or litter in Hong Kong. As per the local customs, you should not hurt someone on the face. You should not contradict someone in front of others. As per Chinese custom, there is great respect for hierarchical relationships.

Business will be conducted in Hong Kong in a very efficient manner. In order to attend meeting, you should plan early so that you can reach in time by managing the heavy traffic. Business cards are printed in English on one side and Cantonese on the other. It is customary to exchange business cards during official business interactions at the start of the meeting. Both hands should be used to exchange cards and Cantonese print should be faced by the receiving end.

Duty free services are enjoyed by travelers with some limitations. The traveler age should be above 18 to access these benefits. Narcotics, drugs, and firearms come under prohibited items. The main attractions of the city include Victoria Park, Hong Kong Disneyland, Western Market, Police Museum, Statue Square, Hong Kong Museum of History, Wong Tai Sin Temple, Ocean Park & Middle Kingdom and Aberdeen. Hong Kong International Airport is situated 21 miles northwest of Hong Kong Island and 14 miles from Kowloon.

Fast and quick transport from airport is provided through the airport express line. There are trains for every 12 minutes. You can also utilize car rental facilities and airport taxis for quick commutation process. Tourism contributes 4.7% of the GDP of Hong Kong.

The Hong Kong’s overall attraction is being enhanced by the local government on a continuous basis. The city is a great place to explore arts and culture. The impact of Chinese traditions and culture on the city is very high. You can plan your visit as per the duration and budget so that you can spend great holidays. The planning should be done as per the season as well so that there will not be any health issues.

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