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Hotel and Motel

There are various types of places to stay when you travel. Usually, travelers can select between a hotel and a motel. These are undoubtedly the most widespread and most popular options. One of the major questions which travelers ask is what exactly the difference between the two is. The options have a lot of similarities and a lot of things which set them apart as well. Get all of the information which you need to make the best choice every time when you go on a trip on business or for pleasure.

Some History

The first hotels appeared in Western Europe around the middle of the 18th century. Most of them had been working as inns for quite some time, but as the number of wealthy travelers grew due to the advancement of organized transport they underwent considerable transformation. The rooms became bigger and better furnished. The owners started offering more and more sophisticated in-room and shared amenities. As time passed, hotels which had been especially built for recreation began to appear.

Motels, on the other hand, began to appear in the 1920’s in the United States as the motor transport picked up and more people became vehicle owners. The name of this type of accommodation comes from the words motor and hotel. These new places offered private rooms and basic amenities only. They were dotted along motorways to provide lodging to people travelling on business or going on vacation.

Architecture and Design

Even hotels from one chain, typically have unique architecture and appearance. The interior design varies considerably as well. Many hotels such as the Plaza in New York City and Burj Al Arab in Dubai have become major landmarks and are regarded as top tourist attractions. There are typically very tall and/or wide hotel buildings in the central districts of large cities. Many popular tourist destinations such as beach and ski resorts have small boutique hotels. They not only have unique exterior and interior design. Usually, all rooms are differently furnished and often contain special works of art.

Motels have more uniform architecture. They are usually one or two-story buildings with no specific architectural design or features. Typically, all or at least most rooms have direct access to the parking lot and exterior entrance. In this way, the owners can get back on the road directly upon checkout. While hotels have interior hallways, motels have exterior walkways for maximum convenience.

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Amenities and Services

The amenities which hotels offer can vary greatly from one establishment to another. In addition to rooms, most establishments of this type offer sports facilities. The lounge room is extremely commonly found. There guests and other visitor can relax and have a drink and often a snack as well. Dining halls where breakfast is served are present in many hotels. Some have a la carte restaurants as well.

The hotel facilities often include a hot tub, gym and swimming pool. In some luxury hotels, you can also find tennis courts and private beaches. Most hotels nowadays have a business center, which is a room equipped with at least one computer and a printer. Often, a fax machine is included as well. Many establishments and especially ones in large cities have conference rooms and halls which can host various events from business meetings to weddings. Shops and casinos can also be found in hotels.

Hotels offer a wide range of services with the most basic ones being reception services, concierge services and housekeeping. Most luxury places offer laundry, room service, spa treatments and valet services. You can also get a personal trainer or a babysitter. Many places arrange different attractions, activities, trips and tickets for events for their guests upon request.

Motels typically offer a much more limited selection of amenities and services. Most places have only rooms, a small reception and a parking lot. Some have more amenities, however. This is especially the case in locations where there is considerable competition. The most commonly found shared amenities include a small garden, hot tub and a swimming pool. It is worth pointing out that many motels have a restaurant nearby, but it typically does not belong to the establishment.

Motel rooms typically have two beds and private toilet and bathroom facilities. It is also possible for the room to feature a small cooking area which is known as kitchenette. The kitchenette includes one or more hotplates, a sink and a fridge. It may also have a microwave oven, but this is a less commonly found amenity.

There are usually no special services offered to motel guests apart from housekeeping. You may be able to use the phone and the computer at the reception upon request. Additionally, some places offer complimentary fruit, snacks or small breakfast.

Location Specifics

Traditionally, most hotels are found in the central district of a city. As the travel industry grew and developed, however, such establishments began to appear in other places. Most international airports around the globe have several hotels located in very close proximity to them. Business districts also have such establishments. They can also be found near places of interest and attractions.

While for hotels prime location is extremely important, motels are typically found along roads and in the outskirts of cities. They are also located outside of small towns and in rural areas. Basically, these establishments are found in places where their bigger and fancier counterparts are not present.

Price Matters

Traditionally, hotels are considered to be more expensive than motels. However, there are some specific factors which you have to take into consideration. The prices of both types of accommodation vary greatly based on category. Luxury motel accommodation can cost more than a room in a 1-star hotel. The price differences between countries and regions have to be taken into consideration as well. A motel room in an expensive location can cost more than a room in a 4-star and even 5-star hotel in a cheap location.

In conclusion, it is up to you to choose between hotel and motel accommodation. Take into consideration your travel plans and route, budget, requirements and preferences.

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