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Hottest Cities

Which part of the world has the most sweltering temperatures and hot summers? When trying to find out which is the hottest city in the world, you will encounter a lot of varying lists. What city ranks on the top will really depend on how you look at the temperatures recorded and at which time of the day these numbers were recorded. The battle for the title of hottest city in the world is usually among those cities in the Middle East, Asia and the African region.

The earth is composed of two-thirds water and a proportional one-third of the remaining land is just desert. The world’s hottest places lie near these harsh desert environment, including the hottest city in the world, which may just be around your own neighborhood. Just in case you are wondering, the highest temperature ever recorded on earth was 136 degrees at the Death Valley Park in the year 1913. Scientifically speaking, the basis for recording atmospheric temperature is not the surface temperature but the air temperature at about 5 feet above the earth’s surface in an enclosed shelter.

What Makes A City Hot?

In most of the world’s hottest cities, temperature recordings of 40°C and above are an everyday thing. This range of scorching temperature is regarded as just the average temperature for specific areas, and could last for weeks or even months. Such 40-degree temperatures are common in many cities in the Middle East and some parts of Africa.

In Kuwait City and Ahvaz City in Iran, daily maximum temperatures above 45 degrees are recorded almost every day and can even last for several months. Such extreme temperatures are due to the fact that Kuwait City is located near the head of the Persian Gulf and is predominantly composed of desert land. Ahvaz City in Iran is also a desert city, which is a part of western Iran and is situated 23 meters above sea level.

Hottest Cities in the World

Here is a list of the hottest cities in the world. If you want to spend summer in any of them or travel to these cities be prepared to battle the heat of the sun and the humidity. As smart travelers, it is best to be prepared when you are headed to the following areas, which are beating each other every year for the title of hottest city in the world.

#1 Bangkok, Thailand

This Southeast Asian city was given the title “the world’s hottest city” by the World Meteorological Organization. What numbers made Bangkok the winner? The mean temperature of Bangkok reaches up to 28 °C and a maximum temperature of 34 °C every year. The humidity is very high as well during the summer months that run from March to May. These are the hottest times to be in Bangkok. Travelers are advised to travel instead during the months of November to February, when the weather is expected to be cooler. Prepare for the sizzling heat in this area when you visit during the summer. Bring the appropriate wardrobe and choose activities that will not leave you dehydrated and at risk for heat stroke. The beach may be hot but swimming can cool you down; spend just enough time sunbathing to avoid getting a blistering sunburn that will leave you sore for the rest of your trip. If you want to avoid the heat, Bangkok is also cooler in December but the humidity remains high which still makes the weather warm and prickly even during these colder months.

#2 Cape Town, South Africa

Weather in this African city was also recorded at a maximum high of 45 °C in Mach. Residents and travelers to this popular tourist capital have been warned of the effects of this extreme temperature. Early this year, Cape Town was already declared as the “the hottest city in the world” because of the sizzling temperature of the city which reached an average temperature of 42 °C in March. It was the hottest temperature ever recorded in Cape Town in a span of 100 years. The temperature and humidity went alarmingly up and it even caused a raging forest fire in the South Peninsula of Cape Town.

#3 Kuwait City

This city capital of Kuwait is one of the hottest cities in the world. The average maximum temperature during the hottest month in this city is 46 °C. During the months of July and August the temperature is expected to go as high as 46.9°C. The average range of 40-45 °C persists for as long as five months in Kuwait. During the cooler months, the temperature drops to about 30°C, such as in the months of November and December. If you are planning to visit Kuwait and avoid the extreme heat wave, visit during the months of November to February.

#4 Accra, Ghana

Accra is the capital and largest city of Ghana. It is also one of the hottest cities in the world during the summer. The average daily temperature is just 24.7 °C but has a tendency to rise up to 28 °C in March, which is considered as the hottest season in this city. Apart from the high temperatures, the weather is also very humid. Accra is a popular, trendy town with an active nightlife, a great range of shopping options and a variety of restaurants. Be prepared when you come during the humid months because the activities in the city can get really hot, literally.

#5 Dubai, United Arab Emirates

This is one of the hottest holiday destinations for travelers. It has a sub-tropical climate that can stretch for months and rarely changes at any time during the year. Summer starts in April and stretches until October bringing with it extreme heat and high humidity. The average temperature during summer is at 32 °C and goes up to about 40°C during the months of June to October. Dubai has a lot to offer when it comes to entertainment during the hottest days of summer. The city is very modern and there are a lot of activities that can keep you from drying out in the heat of the sun, such as shopping in the biggest mall in the world, diving with sharks or going to the water park. Other amusements include indoor golf or testing your skills at the shooting club. Dubai also has an indoor Ski park in the Mall of the Emirates, which is the perfect activity during summer to stay cool.

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