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How Much to Get a Passport

United States Citizens cannot travel to foreign countries and back to the mainland U.S. without a passport or a passport card. Applying for one is easy, and it requires time, and management to get this. Without applying for a passport and procuring the right forms, an individual could get stuck in a foreign country while paperwork is processed and determined about an individual’s citizenship status. In some cases, the delay could be months, as there are a lot of different issues that come into place. As such, you should not only look into the passport options available, but also at how much does it cost to get a passport. Without knowing the cost, you may end up losing sight of the bigger picture, which is the mandatory use of these documents for traveling internationally.

The U.S. Passport Book

The first major document that you will want to look at is the U.S. Passport Book. This is something that will allow you to get moving forward with relative ease. This book trumps other options and is traditionally the first option when going internationally by land, sea, or even air. This option allows for adults and children to cross international lines, and lasts upwards of 10 years for adults over the age of 16, and 5 years for minors under the age of 16. This small booklet has varying costs depending on simple elements.

For those that are applying for the first time, the cost of the application is $135. For children it costs $105. This can cost an additional rate if you apply for both a U.S. Passport Card and Book. The two can raise the cost to $165 for adults and $120 for children. It’s not necessary to have both in order to travel, but you should not discount the secondary option, that’s for sure.

Renewing an existing passport costs $110 for adults, and if you purchase both the card and the book you will have to renew each one alone.

The U.S. Passport Card

As for the U.S. Passport Card, it’s important to look at this for travel between close quarters of the United States. You will find that this is valid in regards to travel between Canada, Mexico, Bermuda, and the Caribbean. These options can only be visited through land borders and sea. You cannot fly when you have this card, as it will not be valid for air travel. Air travel is restricted only for those that are using a U.S. Passport Book. The cost for the card is $55 for adults and $40 for minors. You can apply for this and a book for $165 and it has a valid point for 10 years for adults and 5 years for children.

Renewing an existing U.S. Passport Card the cost is $30 for adults. Renewing this and the passport book is exclusive to the items and not dual.

Getting Both – Understanding Differences

For international travelers that want to get both options, the cost is $165. There are some differences to be aware of, especially when it comes to traveling across borders. The main difference in terms of having a card instead of a book is that you will be relegated to specific travel methods and destinations. It’s not possible to travel by air, for instance. You will have to travel by sea or land and you’ll have to show the card. However, in a twist, you can use a book to travel these methods and include air travel as well. The book is obviously made for those that are going to take advantage of low cost flights and international travel across the initial borders of the country’s closest areas. If you use the card, it’s imperative to understand that there are limits, and you can only use it to specific destinations, not every destination. You cannot fly either, so do not assume that it’s the same. Getting both is not required, but there are advantages to having both, or at least the U.S. Passport Book if you are going to move through a variety of destinations through the air.

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Extra Fees and Considerations

The fees mentioned above are base fees that are mentioned by the United States Travel Department, however, there are other fees that you may have to pay when looking into getting a U.S. Passport Book. These do not necessarily apply to cards, but there are rules and regulations that may be isolated to a case by case basis. As such, you may find that time is an issue in regards to pricing.

For services that will get you a passport on a faster scale, you will need to pay $60 for expedited service. This will give you a faster processing, and delivery. This is not isolated, it’s an additional fee that you have to pay after you have paid for the initial costs. Furthermore, you can ask for overnight delivery which is an additional $14.85 which will require you to get faster processing and expedition.

For those that do not have proof of citizenship, getting a passport can become tricky. The application process covers this option through what is known as a “File Search”. The cost of this application extra fee is $150. It helps with verifying birth certificates, and citizenship overall.

Adding pages to a passport can cost an additional $82. The United States has a government travel page in which you could calculate the costs of the passport book and the card that you want to get. Each individual can end up causing issues depending on where you’re going, what you’re applying for, and when you will receive. It.

Explore Further

At the end of the day, the above information can showcase the true cost of getting a passport. However, things change often, and to ensure that you are getting the best information possible, visit the United States Travel page set up by the government. When in doubt, you could visit the Department of State Passport Agency which as offices around the country, and can help with support, proof of travel and much more.

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