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Kansas City

There is Kansas City in Missouri and there’s Kansas City in Kansas. But where oh where is Kansas City really located? Kansas State is situated in the Midwestern United States and its name is derived from the river Kansas that flows through it.

Kansas State Accurate Geographical Position

Kansas State encompasses an area totaling 81,915 mi2 and has a 1,219 mi long boundary. It is a Midwestern state where Missouri, Nebraska, Colorado and Oklahoma share its borders. On the east it was bordered by Missouri, on the west is Colorado, on the north is Nebraska and on the south is Oklahoma. The correct coordinates of Kansas State are 38.5°N and 98.0°W.


Kansas City is often abbreviated «KCK» to distinguish it from its neighboring country Kansas City, Missouri. This city is the third largest in the state of Kansas and is situated at Kaw Point, a junction between Missouri and Kansas rivers. It is the seat of the Wyandotte County and third of the largest city in Kansas City metropolitan area. «Old» Kansas City, Kansas was incorporated in 1872 of October and was governed by the Board of Commissioners that elected 3 members. It was once a part of the consolidated city-county government which is called the Unified Government. The Wyandotte County has Bonner Springs and Edwardsville as independent cities. City’s population has risen to 145,786 residents according to the census of 2010.


Kansas City has four notable seasons and moderate rainfall. Due to its location being situated in the heart of North America where bodies of water is insignificant, there are possibilities of changes in the temperatures all year round. July is the warmest month having an average of 81.0°F. Summer months provide hot and moderately humid moist air that rises from the Gulf of Mexico. January is the coldest month with average temperature of 31.0°F. Winter lasts for 22 days with normal snowfall of 13.4 inches.

Kansas City is located on the broad region of Tornado Alley. Cold air from the Canadians Rocky Mountains collides with the Gulf of Mexico’s warm air that lead to the formation of storms during the spring. Much of the Kansas City Metropolitan Area had been devastated by tornadoes. The place also experienced ice storm during winter months. Kansas city is also prone to flooding as it is near the Kansas River.

Kansas City


Kansas City, Kansas is where the General Motors Fairfax Assembly is located that generates more work for more workers. This plant is behind the manufacture of Buick LaCrosse and Chevrolet Malibu. The University of Kansas Hospital is the biggest employer of all followed by General Motors and University of Kansas Medical Center.

In 2010 Kansas City ranked 7 as one of the best cities in the United States to start over again after being foreclosed. Google announced Kansas City on March 30, 2011 to be the site of the experimental fiber-optic network without the city paying any single cent. In 2012, the network started its operation and Piper, Kansas has become nation first ever community that uses broadband network that uses fiber-optic communication provided by Google fiber and has 1 Gbit/sec uploads and downloads.

The reason Google chose Kansas City over other candidates is because it is a place where they can build quickly and efficiently. According to Google, Kansas City has an environment which is business friendly and with great infrastructure where they could deploy better services. There is no need for them to crack open the streets and other things making it difficult to do the installation of the wires and other things.

Major Attractions in Kansas City, Kansas

There are a lot of things you can do in Kansas City, Kansas. There are stadiums for ball games like soccer and baseball and spooky mansion for ghost-hunting if you’re not afraid.

Sporting Park

Sporting Park is formerly known as Livestrong Sporting Park and is a soccer stadium in Kansas City, Kansas. It was renamed after the agreement ended between Sporting Kansas City and Livestrong Foundation on January 2013. This soccer stadium is located near Kansas Speedway with a seating capacity of 18,467 and can be expanded up to 25,000 for a concert venue.

Kansas Speedway

This is a race track of 1.5 mile and was built in 2001. It is operated and owned by the International Speedway Corporation. Missouri and Kansas are both considered in establishing the race track but Kansas got its attention because of funding in a better way. The Penn National Gaming Hollywood Hotel and Casino was constructed at the track with funds reaching to $380,000,000.

Schlitterbahn Waterpark Kansas City

This is a waterpark of many rivers with varied speeds and wave-heights. Many of these rivers have interconnection in that way you can ride the system of the whole park itself. Kids can play and climb the Pirate Ship playground and pretend as pirates. If you want some ride that can make you relax, Kristal River is where to go to and if you want some action you can try the Raging River. Water coaster and some more slides in the park will provide you more excitement and fun like the Storm Blaster and Whirlwind.

Sauer’s Castle

Sauer’s Castle is located in 935 Shawnee Road and has many good and bad memories. It is a 3 story castle and was the home of a German and business and entrepreneur Anton Philip Sauer and his wife Francesca. It was built with a tall watchtower and on the roof is a walkway. The size of the large double front door is 10 feet wide, 10 feet high and 6 inches thick. The inside of the castle has a 12 foot ceiling and floors that alternate of oaks and walnut. There is a staircase of 4 story connecting the floor, tower and attic.

Anton and Francesca had five siblings and decided to move to Kansas City after his wife’s death in 1868 and his worsening tuberculosis. As his business progress, he was remarried to a widow named Mary Einhellig Messerschmidt who already has two daughters of her own and had five daughters.

After Anton died on August 16, 1879 his wife Mary and the children stayed living in the house until the death of Mary in 1919 where she hanged herself committing a suicide.

Their daughter Eve Maria Sauer got married to William C. Van Fossen and had a daughter after 18 months of marriage. She remarried a local businessman and landowner named John Perkins to whom they had three children until he killed himself with a gun at the age of 73 due to his failing health.

Carl Lopp who was the descendant of Anton Sauer and bought the house to restore it as it was before. He faced many problems like why he could not get insurance for the house. People vandalize it and the caretaker took some precious things that belonged to the family like old and antique, those is almost $30,000.00 and worse of all lots of rumors had been told that the house is haunted but are not yet proved.

On year 2000, the new owner renovated the mansion’s structure and stabilized the front porch to prevent it from falling off to the house. Mortars replaced the bricks, balconies being repaired and broken windows due to vandalism are being replaced.

The only thing is, he doesn’t live in Kansas City because if he does, everything will be much easier for him to repair the mansion during his spare time. Moving in to Kansas will give him the chance to frequent the site and to develop a more enhanced working relationship with the authorities and his neighbors. In 1977 it was proclaimed a historical site and the Kansas Landmarks Commission of Kansas City made him sure that whatever repair or renovations that he will made to the manage should be authentic.

CommunityAmerica Ballpark

CommunityAmerica Ballpark is technically located in Piper, Kansas township and is a baseball park in Kansas City, Kansas. It is a home to the Kansas City T-Bones. They are professional baseball team that is based in Kansas City, Kansas and a member of the American Association of Independent Professional Baseball. Its former name was Duluth-Superior Dukes won the championship in 1997 for the Northern League.

The ballpark was named after a Kansas City area financial institution called CommunityAmerica Credit Union that bought the naming rights. The ballpark is also known as the Little Green Monster with a seating capacity of up to 7,500 seats. It opened to the public June 6, 2003 getting excellent paying attendance.

Lakeside Speedway

The Lakeside Speedway is a dirt track for auto racing which can be found in Kansas City, Kansas. The dirt track originally opened April 17, 1955. Because of three deaths that occurred during the 1956 season of racing, it was forced to close. It reopened in 1961 under a new management when new owners The Woodlands purchased the property. Lakeside Speedway was welcomed by its new location in Wolcott Drive, still in Kansas City, Kansas.

Sky Zone Indoor Trampoline Park

This is a typical park with lots of trampoline courts placed horizontally and surrounded by more trampolines which are placed at angles to make them as court’s walls. Each trampoline is mat-covered preventing visitors to fall into the holes. Visitors can actually jump from one trampoline to the other.

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