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Largest country

Russia is still the largest country in the world and it shows great prominence in world politics. Located in Europe, Russia offers varied climatic conditions. You can go through the topography and city types to explore more about Europe in general and Russia in particular. Europe is one of the largest continents in the world. It extends in between Greece and Iceland. The continent is made up of 45 countries which include some of the world’s largest and smallest countries.

What is the prominence of Russia?

The total area of Russia is 17,098,242 square kilometers. As per the Britannica Encyclopedia, Russia is still the largest country and it continues to grow in population and power as well. Russia is the largest country in Europe followed by Turkey, Ukraine, France and Spain.

It is the largest country based in terms of land mass in Europe. It has its presence in Northern Asia as well as Northern Europe. In terms of regions, France is counted as the largest European country. Ukraine is the largest country whose land is found in Europe only. As a matter of fact, Ukraine became independent in 1991 when USSR was dissolved. Even after the severance into 14 different countries, Russia still manages as the largest country in Europe.

As there was great economic turmoil in Russian Federation, it led to the privatization of industry. President Vladimir Putin has great influence in Russian politics and he reversed the process of privatization. He nationalized private properties once again and there was heavy crack down on freedom of expression. However, he pursued a policy to influence countries in the region. In this process, he had pursued expansion of the kingdom towards Ukraine through military intervention.

The population of the country is 143, 975, and 923 as per the 2015 estimations. The density of the country is 8.4 per km2. The GDP of the country is $3.458. The per capita income is $24, 067. The currency of the country is Russian Ruble.

The country spans across nine time zones. It is the world’s ninth most populous country with a population of 144 million. There are wide range of environments and landforms. It shares land borders with many countries including Norway, Poland, China and North Korea. The country shares maritime borders with countries including Japan and US (state of Alaska).


The Russian history traces back to East Slavs who emerged as great force during 3 AD and 8 AD. In 988, the country adopted orthodox Christianity form the Byzantine Empire. Thus, began the mixed culture of Byzantine and Slavic. After disintegrating and re-union, it formed as great nation during 18th century. It has become the 3rd largest empire in history, stretching from Poland to Alaska.

What is the prominence of Russia

Great milestones

Russia has become the world’s first socialist state as per the constitution. It was recognized as super power and had played great role in allied victory in WW-II. It was not only the largest country in Europe but also the most influential country of the world. It had significant achievements during the 20th century.

It had made the first satellite in history. The country takes credit for sending first man into space. After the dissolution of the USSR, it was renamed as Russian Federation. The Russian economy is the fifteenth largest in terms of nominal GDP. As per the purchasing power parity, it is rated as the sixth largest nation.

The country has great resources including mineral and energy. It is one of the largest producers of oil and natural gas. There are five recognized nuclear weapon states and it is one of them. It is the world’s second biggest exporter of weapons. It is a permanent member of UN Security Council.

Facts about Russia

The women population is higher than men in Russia. There are 9 million more women than men. The greatest museum in Russia, St. Petersburg is home to 70 cats. The museum has 14 miles of marbled corridors. The name ‘red square’ is derived from the word, ‘krasnyi’ which gives the meaning, beautiful. The soup that is made up of chicken’s foot (kholodets) is the traditional delicacy in Russia.

When you visit a museum or restaurant, you are required to leave them at cloakrooms. They are well managed by various teams of baboushkas. You can present flowers to locals to greet them. If you present odd numbers, it will be received and it shows appreciation. On the other hand, odd number is meant for funeral-going people.

The number of cars will reduce as you leave the capital and there will be similar tendency in hairstyles as well. As per WHO statistics, Russians are the fourth biggest drinkers. Vodka is derived from the word, Voda which means water. The life expectancy of males is 63 and women live up to 75 years. The corruption levels are very high. 50% of the police take bribe. You can find a restaurant in Moscow which is totally managed by twins.

Trekking activities are undertaken on top of volcanoes. The entrance fee for foreigners at many tourist sites will be very high. If you are travelling in Russia as a foreigner, you should carry documents with you at all times so that there will not be any issues. In some duty free shops, western leaders are not welcome.

Russia slipped into communism on October 25, 1917. If you would like to visit St. Petersburg, it can be down without applying for a visa. You can take a ferry or short cruise from Helsinki to visit St. Petersburg. People take a dip in freezing waters near St. Petersburg. Some people believe that these waters have therapeutic benefits.

Russia has the Europe’s longest river, Volga. The length of the river is 3,690 km. There are about 200 tributaries through which the total length of the river is equal to 357, 000 km. In order to attract visitors, Russia is planning to convert former labor camps into tourist camps. Most of the tourists who visit from British will not go beyond Moscow or St. Petersburg.

Russia is not only the largest country but has great history and significance in world politics and economic development.

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