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Longest flight in the world

Air travel happens to be one of the best achievements of mankind. In the past, it took months or years for one person to get to another country overseas, and they have to rely on a dangerous journey through land and sea to achieve that. But when the Wright brothers suddenly invented the airplane, things suddenly got better for humankind. In a single stroke, humans were in the air, and air travel has suddenly become popular. What was once a dream of humans to take to the air was made possible by the airplanes that we have built to help us conquer air and the skies. It was a long and colorful history before man was actually able to achieve commercial flight wherein it can carry a truckload of people to different areas of the world, and the important thing to note on that part of history is that we even underwent transformation from a military purpose to finally becoming a fully-fledged commercial setting that we happen to be seeing these days.

Longest flight in the world

Since the start of the first commercial flights too, men have been able to reach out to places more than halfway around the globe, and this has sparked the development of mankind as now places before that was unreachable are now being visited daily by tourists, and normal people too. These days, society too plays an important role as these flights help bring business and development to many locations, and hence the reason why flights would sometimes reach from one end to the opposite side of the world. These flights might take a long time to accomplish like for example a trip I had before from an Asian country called the Philippines back to Detroit Michigan, took up 17 hours of flight time with three stopovers before we can reach the destination. Good thing there was in flight entertainment to help us get over the boredom of sitting for almost a good 15 hours in that plane. Imagine what more would be for the longest flight in the world which would total a good 17 hours non-stop? The longest flights in the world all have different origins and different destinations, but the end point is that they are all quite long and boring if not for the things you can do inside the plane. Let us take a look at some of the longest flights in the world and where they come from and where they arrive:

1. Dallas-DFW Sydney-SYD: leading the pack as the longest flight in the world nonstop at 8,578 miles or 13,804 km straight travel. The update is that as of Sep 29, 2014 Qantas switched from using a Boeing 747 to the new Airbus A380 which allows it to make full travel without stopovers. The grand total of sitting inside the plane for the whole trip? 16 hrs and 55 mins! Enough to cause you pressure sores in your butt if you don’t stand and move it while in flight! The A830 carries up to a whopping 484 passengers in 4 different classes. It is quite amazing that this thing carries 364 people for nearly 9,000 miles without stopping or refueling. Now that we know the longest non-stop flight in the planet today, let us see the other runner-ups for this trip and how they come close to the top of the list.

2. Johannesburg-JNB Atlanta-ATL: the second farthest distance comes in at 8,439 miles or 13,582 km and is achieved and operated by Delta’s Boeing 777-200LR plane. He whole trip takes up a whopping 16 hr 55 min to accomplish, and the reason it is about the same time as the first flight is the fact that the Airbus happens to travel slower than expected due to increased load. It would have been faster by the way.

3. Abu Dhabi-AUH Los Angeles-LAX: this takes the number 3 spot with a total scheduled flying time of 16 hr 35 mins. Etihad Flight # EY 171 (ETD171) travels a total distance of 8,390 miles or 13,502 km aboard a Boeing 777-200LR/F.

4. Dubai-DXB Los Angeles-LAX: fourth in the list is aboard the Emirates’ Boeing 777-300ER or, at times, their Airbus A380-800. The whole flight takes up a good 16 hrs 30 min in a flight that covers 8,339 miles or 13,420 km. Much like the number one, the A380 model seats 489 people with14 Private First Class Suites, 76 lie-flat beds located in the Business Class and 399 spacious seats in the Economy section.

5. Dubai-DXB Houston-IAH: this runner-up takes around 16 hr 20 min on an Emirates’ Boeing 777-300ER and approximately covers a distance of 8,168 miles or 13,144 km. Not bad stats for a candidate for the longest flight in the world.

6. Jeddah-JED Los Angeles-LAX: when March 31, 2014 started and the flight got underway, it was due to be the 5th longest flight in the world non-stop though at first it started off as 4th, but has since moved down the list. With a total distance traveled at 8,332 miles or 13,409 km, the flight takes 16 hr 55 mins aboard Saudia’s Boeing 777-300ER plane.

7. Abu Dhabi-AUH San Francisco-SFO: One of the newer flight to add to the list, but certainly not going to fall behind the list of the longest flights in the world. Etihad Airways, having flown its first flight back on November 18, 2014 was able to travel a total of 8,158 miles or 13,129 km which took a grand total of 16 hrs and 15 mins to complete. Flight number EY 183 (ETD183) is flown on a Boeing 777-300ER plane which is operated by Etihad but also is leased from Jet Airways.

8. Dallas-DFW Hong Kong-HKG: American Airlines flight # AA 137 (AAL137) started serving the public on June 2014 and now claims has a good title of being the 8th longest non-stop flight in the world today! Spanning a total of 8,123 miles at 13,073 km, this route has a scheduled westbound flying time of 17 hr 05 mins aboard a Boeing 777-300ER. Longer than the number one, but it has to be because of the faster speed of the airbus that they use there.

9. Dubai-DXB San Francisco-SFO: Now #9 but previously was the 6th. It clocks at a distance of 8,103 miles or 13,041 km using the Emirates’ Boeing 777-300ER plane. Total flight time is around 16 hrs 00 min, but don’t get it wrong, it is still long enough to bore the pants out of you.

10. New York-JFK/Newark-EWR Hong Kong-HKG: Would you believe it but there are actually three different carriers that have this flight schedule. The Cathay Pacific route from New York-JFK is longer or shorter whether on how you see it by just 7 miles than the Newark-EWR origin:

a. JFK->HKG on Cathay Pacific. This route is approximately scheduled 3x times per day on a Boeing 777-300ER which covers a total distance of 8,072 miles in around 15 hr 50 mins to 16 hr 00 mins.

b. EWR->HKG on Cathay Pacific. A total of 8,065 miles in the route at 1x per day on Boeing 777-300ER. The total flight time is at 15 hr 50 mins.

c. EWR->HKG on United Airlines’s Boeing 777-200ER: Same distance as the EWR above but with a total flying time of around 16 hr 00 mins.

Now imagine yourself seated in one of these flights listed above, and then all you have on you is a damn pocket book? I think I would go crazy and probably I would bring my iPhone, watch a full game of thrones marathon so that when I finish, I am already in my destination! A quick word of advice for these people traveling such long distances, prepare your body and mind because its gonna be a hell of a long trip! Most people I know who travel these routes would bring in as much entertainment as they can get into their backpacks or their hand carries. No need to worry about food as I don’t think food will be your top priority in flight as you don’t want to go and pee often here or even go to the restroom to relieve yourself right? Chat up your seatmate as much as you can but do not bother their sleep, and if you can, sleep the whole 16 hours away! Who knows, you might have a good dream and when you finally wake up, your destination is there and no more worries for you by that time. These longest flights in the world do live up to their reputation and do not underestimate them I tell you. But if you want to test your strengths and also how long you can last on these flights, then better be prepared as it will not be as forgiving to your mind and body is you get is started on the wrong foot.

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