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Most beautiful flag

Which country’s flag is most beautiful? Flags are used to identify countries. When there are international competitions or events, it is customary to display respective national flags. The standards, cultural values and other historical significances are noticed through countries’ flags. In the modern world, they signify the signage as well. If they are beautiful, they will add more value. Flags are designed very carefully. They reflect the traditions and they will be simple and easy to remember as well.

Prominence of flag structure

In order to find the most beautiful flag in the world, you should know the flag constituents. There will be colors, images, and other attributes which should be studied carefully so that you can find the real beauty that is hidden in a flag.

Australian flag was first flown in 1901. The flag has three elements on a blue back. Canton is present on the upper left corner of the flag. It signifies the relation with UK. Union Jack is present below the Canton. It signifies the commonwealth star. The Australia’s geography is exposed through the Southern Cross.

Reading elements on the flag

You should read the elements present on the flag so that the flag’s prominence and beauty can be traced. There are 13 equal stripes of red and white colors in US flag. You will also find Blue Square which will be filled with 50 stars. The stars on the flag signify the sign of heaven. Thus, US flag is very beautiful.

If you read the flag of United Kingdom, it signifies the combination of three flags. They are England, Scotland and Northern Ireland. You can find Red Cross on a white background. You will find red cross on a white background which signifies cross of St. Andrew.

India has a beautiful flag which signifies liberty. There are three horizontal bars. they are saffron, white and green colors. you will find a blue wheel in the middle of the flag. The flag was accepted on July 24, 1947.

Flag of Mexico

The flag of Mexico is prepared with tricolor combinations. The color combinations are green, white and red. you will find the national coat of arms in the center of white stripe. you will find eagle which holds serpent in its beak and talon. The flag is prepared in 4:7 ratio, length being four parts and width being 7 parts. You will also find wreath of oak and laurel below the eagle. The flag is the most beautiful flag in the world.

The green color signifies hope and victory. The white color signified purity of ideals and the red color denotes the bloodshed by national heroes. The flag will be shown on TV when the national anthem is played. It will be flown at half-mast when the there is death of an important citizen of the country.


Thus, there are various interesting facts behind the design and implementation of the flag. If you are interested in knowing about various countries, flags are the best options. Thus, you can study world history and cultural significance of various countries through flags.

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