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Most conservative cities

Does the cowboy from Texas always carry pistols? Guys from New York are uncompromising? Are the Midwesterners always well-mannered and respectful?

There are innumerable stereotypes that have developed in the minds of Americans about people from different parts of the nation. Liberals and conservatives are always at an arm’s length from each other or even further away. But in most cases it has been seen that both the red and blue have co-existed alongside each other without any clashes.

However, a recent study by American Political Science Review reveals that the truth is stranger than fiction and America has a complicated political landscape, with overlapping ideologies and political patches. So, before you strapping on a cross-country ride let’s see the places you might not feel at home if you are a liberal.

The Method

51 American cities with population over 250,000 were examined. Over 1,600 towns and cities have been surveyed by researcher on the basis of public policies and ideology. It has been observed that cities with higher ratio of conservative Republicans to liberal Democrats were ranked higher in terms of conservatism.

The Result

Breaking the common stereotypes, many cities have emerged in a new light through the survey. The liberal cities have higher taxes per capita and they mostly go for less regressive tax systems. However, they also spend twice as much per person as compared to conservatives. Even though the biggest urban cities are mostly liberal, there are some places that are considered to be conservative. Below are listed the cities that are highly conservative.

Mesa, Arizona

Coming in at the top of the list, Mesa is considered to be the most conservative city in the country. Through an interesting blend of financial practicality and a no-nonsense attitude, Republicans have created a new conservative model in Mesa.

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Coming in at a close second to Mesa is Oklahoma City. The city has been described as leaning to ‘center right’ Republicanism.

Virginia Beach, Virginia

With an estimated population of about 448,479, Virginia Beach is the third most conservative city in America.

Colorado Springs, Colorado

This city with a Home Rule Municipality is the most populous area of the El Paso County in Colorado and is also highly conservative.

Jacksonville, Florida

The government of Jacksonville has a strong-mayor form, which eliminates any type of separate county executive or legislature. These positions are held by the Mayor of Jacksonville and the City Council of the City of Jacksonville.

Arlington, Texas

The biggest city in United States without a proper public transit system is also a very conservative city.

Anaheim, California

Founded by German families in the 1950s, Anaheim has developed progressively into and industrial hub. It has a council-manager type of government in which a mayor presides over the city council.

Omaha, NE

Situated by the Missouri river, Omaha is the forty-second largest city in America. Many Fortune 500 companies have their headquarters in this city. Like Jacksonville, Omaha also has a strong-mayor form of government.

Tulsa, Oklahoma

The second largest city in Oklahoma is also very conservative. Even though the city has a mayor-council form of government, it has been developing a strong mayoral system.

Aurora, Colorado

Boasting of a home rule municipality, Aurora has a council/manager form of government.

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