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Most Expensive Hotel

As a tourist, you visit a certain foreign place, absorb their local traditions, visit all their famous tourist spots, eat their local delicacies and buy souvenirs that are all unique to that particular place. The least you want to happen is to land in some obscure hotel with molded floors, beds with bugs, a bathroom that has no working flush or hot water and a view of another building on your windows. Now, as a tourist and a vacationer, you definitely deserve to regale yourself. A hotel that is worth to stay in with is the one that has a sturdy bed with very comfortable linen and soft, fluffy pillows, that has a 24/7 room service, a swimming pool with spa and Jacuzzi, by preference can offer a private chef and an astonishing view of their whole surroundings.

Those are not too much to ask, aren’t they? However, it is certainly not if you have enough budget to spend for it. To give you an idea where you can find these kinds of most expensive hotels, here is a list of the most expensive hotel in the world that any tourists can dream of visiting someday. Start listing them on your bucket list and better start saving money to spend for it:

The Grand Resort Lagonissi in Athens, Greece

Athens, Greece was once famous for traffic, tacky architecture and smog. Now, Athens is known to be a city transformed thanks to riches that 2004 Summer Olympics has brought to the city. Spotless streets and parks, brand new freeways, a very modern subway, all streets signs are now in superb English and usable airports made the old city now negotiable. Perfecting more than a route for stopovers to other islands, cultured Athens tourist spots includes treasures that can be seen inside National Archaeological Museum, lots of pillars of Western History which started from the era of Acropolis to the time of the Temple of Olympian Zeus.

One of the best things to do here in Athens is to stay in their castle-like hotels and considered one of the most expensive hotels in the world that will let you or any tourist feels that they are kings and queens. One of their pride when it comes to the most expensive hotel is the Grand Resort Lagonissi.

If you think you will not be impressed in the hotel’s Royal Villa, then nothing ever will! The hotel’s Royal Villa has an astonishing view of the everyday sunset and a glass board permitting an unobstructed appearance. Yes, as a matter of fact, the amazing view continues even in your room’s bathtub with its blinds that are operated by a remote control. The room package also includes a warm pool, an adjustable and extremely comfortable bed, a sauna, and even your own private beach area. And whenever you need a room service, you may call on your butler to request for a private chef to cook your meal while a pianist executes a very calming music. You may enjoy all these features in the comfort and satisfaction of your villa that has a 1,188 square meters in size. Now, that is what you call a vacation in style!


Palms Casino Resort Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada

Las Vegas is known to be a worldwide renowned leading resort city famous initially for shopping, nightlife, fine dining and even gambling and is the major cultural and financial center for Southern Nevada.

The city notes itself as The Entertainment Capital of the World and is known worldwide for its superior casino hotels and its featured entertainments. A developing family and retirement city, Las Vegas is known to be the 30th most occupied city all over the United States, with an amazing 603,488 population. Las Vegas is one of the best leading tourist destinations in the United States for business, meetings and conventions and is known to be the richest major cities in the whole US. More so, the metropolitan area of the city has been famous for their “Triple A Five Diamond” and the most expensive hotel compared to any cities in the world. Nowadays, Las Vegas is considered to be one of the leading destinations for tourists in the whole wide world.

Now, whether you are a low-key or high roller lounger, Las Vegas has a thing just meant for your vacation and enjoyment tastes. You may have some samples from the most famous chefs in Las Vegas and the cornucopian buffets, trying your luck in the world’s famous casinos or watch their breathtaking entertainment shows. Just roaming the Strip is already enough to satisfy and make your heart go pumping for excitement.

Now in case you got lucky and hit it big in one of the well-renowned casinos in Las Vegas, it is now time to enjoy and pamper yourself in the most expensive hotel in the world with 929 square meter Hugh Hefner Suite at the Palms Casino Resort Hotel. Special features in this most expensive hotel are having your personal butler and enjoying your room’s rotating bed covered by a mirrored ceiling. You may also appreciate the amazing view of Las Vegas at the same time pampering in your own Jacuzzi. It is indeed the most expensive hotel in Las Vegas!

Four Seasons Hotel in Manhattan, New York

An exciting adventure for all different interests and tastes awaits in the City’s famous borough, wherein all is just within anyone’s reach. You may enjoy a Broadway show, tour and appreciate a historic museum and dine at the city’s world-class restaurants all within the vicinity of the city. However, Manhattan is not just a simple city that never sleeps; it is also the place that never halts in changing. Some of the main landmarks of New York City are the Cooper Hewitt Smithsonian Design Museum, Tavern on the Green and Rainbow Room. There are also attractions for those who love outdoor activities for there are Washington Square Park and Central Park.

When it comes to lounging in New York, you may now start to spread the news to your friends! You may enjoy the most expensive hotel in the world by living in the Four Seasons Hotel’s Penthouse, which is right in the center of Manhattan! New York is known as the city that never sleeps and this particular hotel will permit you to appreciate every second of your stay in this awesome room that highlights the full panoramic view of the city. The Penthouse of this most expensive hotel has nine rooms. A tourist must not worry, for you will have your own personal butler to attend to all your needs while staying in Four Seasons Hotel in New York.

President Wilson Hotel in Geneva Switzerland

The Lake Geneva’s shores have amazed invaders and visitors for millennia. This joyful city of Geneva lays on the western shore of the lake with a soaring snowcapped mountain peaks producing a beautiful backdrop all over the city. The place is perfect for traveling by foot or you may rent a bicycle to explore further the city. The first thing to do in a tourist’s itinerary must be to visit the Geneva’s lakefront and its famous fountain, which is the Flower Clock located in the English Garden, Reformation Wall, Place Neuve and St. Peter’s Cathedral.

However, if you visit Geneva to enjoy one of the most expensive hotels in the world, then you may want to check and book in the President Wilson Hotel. Do you plan to host a small party for your esteemed and very important guests right in the center of Switzerland? Are you worried about confidentiality and security of your important visitors? Then you do not need to worry for the President Wilson Hotel’s King Penthouse is here at your service. It has 1,200 square meters, has six bathrooms and four bedrooms. You may continue with your cocktail party without any security concerns for its party room can actually accommodate a maximum of 40 people, not to mention that all have bulletproof windows.

Atlantis Resort Hotel in the Bahamas

Bahamas! The sun, sand and the beach, what more can a tourist ask for? It offers a luxurious 440 square meter suite with marble bathrooms and ten bedrooms. Staying in the most expensive hotel in Bahamas such as the Atlantis Resort Hotel can give you access to your own personal kitchen staff and own butler as well. Their suite is perfect for anyone. If their suite is a good catch for Michael Jackson and Michael Jordan, then no doubt it will be perfect for you too.

Ritz-Carlton Hotel in Moscow, Russia

Emerging out of its business and cultural epicenter, The Ritz-Carlton Hotel in Moscow Russia is one of the capital’s most expensive hotel in Moscow, and symbolic of the city’s folktale of two cities – one that has vibrant, new era present and its cultural and artistic past. Tourists and guests may discover a sophisticated and classic ambience that may agree t a modern cool in its most unexpected locations such as the rejuvenating environment of ESPA, rooftop of O2 lounge, the very extravagant amenities that features the guest suites and club level and their first class spa services.

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