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Most liberal cities

What are the most moderate and tolerate cities in the world?

If you would like to find out the most liberal and free thinking society, you should look in to the political setup. The law making authorities and implementation body will have profound impact on the society. As long as the rights of others are not interfered-with, there is scope to extend freedom to an individual. The mindset of the decision making authorities will have great impact in this context.

Cities with broadminded personalities

The political landscape present in the country or city will have great impact in delivering the goods. Individuals, families, groups, societies and organizations will enjoy great freedom so that there will be highest level of satisfaction. You can find the most liberal cities in the world so that you can feel the difference when you spend few days in the city as a visitor. You can also move on to the country of your choice on immigration basis so that there will be highest level of freedom.

When you move into a liberal city, you will have more number of people who share the same belief and value. In addition to politics, people will share same interests, shows, goods and services. You will have great legal protection to pursue your choice of habits. There will be great nightlife and job opportunities as well. The facts which are considered for liberal city include LGBT community, drug policy, open minded society, handling of social issues and tolerance to minority communities.


Amsterdam is considered as the world’s most liberal city. Dutch people are very tolerant. The city comprises of immigrants. Jews and French Protestants found a safe place in this city. Trade takes priority than the ideology or religion. If you have overly strong views, the relations will be broken.

The city accepts different languages and cultures. Kids will have sex at a very tender age. They can get contraceptives at clinics when they are just 12 year old. The citizens have very progressive attitude. Dutch has unique polices on recreational drugs, same sex marriage and prostitution. You can get soft drugs very easily in the city. Instead of prohibiting the prostitution, they have legalized it so that they can manage more control on the situation. Society is organized into various pillars based on ideologies. These pillars helped in the development of non-confrontational society. It is the world capital of relativism where anything goes.


Toronto is very liberal in relation to other countries. It is more liberal the New York City and more than Montreal as well. It affords rights to minority groups such as same-sex marriage groups. It has universal healthcare, multi-cultural and more comprehensive welfare measures. Gay marriages are permitted. The prostitution is very much legalized. There are legalized swingers clubs. There is no control on abortions. Marijuana can be sold and used legally. There are many more liberal cities in Canada. However, based on various factors, Toronto tops the list.


Melbourne city is very cultural tolerant. It is preferred as the world’s most livable cities in the world. It scores better than 139 other cities in the world. It has the best healthcare, education, infrastructure and culture & development. It scores a perfect 100 in entertaining sports. It is ranked as the world’s friendliest city by Conde Nast Traveller magazine.

Wellington, New Zealand

New Zealand is a liberal country where Wellington is listed as the most liberal city. The city has liberal values. The same sex values are legal in New Zealand. If you are searching for most liberal cities, Wellington can be counted. The country has gay members of parliament. It is the country where a sex worker had become the world’s first Trans gender mayor. Here people can express their views honestly and they will be able to make the most of live as per their whims and fancies.

Mexico City

Mexico City is a gay friendly city. There are lots of bars where gays can be celebrated to the core. The city has religious tolerance. It is a multi-cultural society. The crime rate is very low and you can find very low pace of life. The city has legalized gay marriage in 2009. Transgender can change their gender in government records as per their choice. Queer couple can adopt children without any issues. Homosexuality is widely practiced and accepted and it has become a normal phenomenon.

Zona Rosa district and the Centro Histórico are hot spots for LGBT. The city has many opportunities for local inhabitants as well as global tourists.

Bangkok, Thailand

It is very liberal place in terms of sexuality. There is great tolerance towards gender identity. The city won the ‘best business city in southeast Asia’ award. The city attracts tourists from all over the world and the local people are courteous to entertain them. The nightlife in Bangkok is accepted. It has become a glittering place for indulgence and lifestyle. There are hotels which are dedicated to the art of pure pleasure. It is the real place where open minded and fashionable people can be met.


Sweden sets greatest example in running social welfare programs. The poverty level in the country is very low. There are no wars and everyone in the country has access to best medical care. People are well cultured and liberal. You will be in business if you like tall and blonde Nordic types. The city comprises of citizens from all over the world.

The gay rights are protected in this country. The city has great gay life. It is the best destination for gay people as they can catch latest trends and relaxing atmospheres without any issues. Gays and Lesbians throng to this city to enjoy highest level of freedom in every respect.


There are many cities with varied liberal values, cultural and religious tolerance. The rights of minorities are protected by progressing thinking citizens. The values and aspirations will differ from one country to another country and from one city to another city as per the level of maturity and past experiences.

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