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Passport photo

People who love to travel always have this question: What size is a passport photo? In a sense, it is now an important part of documentation and something you should really know about because it can cause a lot of problems in itself if you print out your picture with the wrong size. For example, you wait in line for your turn to process your documents and then find out you have the wrong photo size, you will simply end up sent back to the back of the queue until you get the right picture size. It is not only a hassle, but you wasted time and money just because of a simple matter as picture size. So the question stands, what is the exact size of it actually?

Does passport standard size change depending on the country?

For this question, the answer is a big no! There is now an international standard for these things and governments of countries all over the world want a universal factor for them therefore the size is always at the 2 x 2 inches for each photo. There are still some governments in some countries that may require something different otherwise, but as far as current things go, most or almost 80% of all countries require just one size which is the 2 x 2.

Is the 2 x 2 passport photo only for passports?

Though it is called passport size photo, it is not only for passports and consular matters it is used for. For one, many companies and corporations also recognize the legality of picture size. It is like they also feel that if the government requires this size, it should also become their norm or requirement for documents that people pass to them. In the past, 1 x 1 pictures are used for ID and other card documentations, but now I have been seeing a lot of other companies trying to integrate 2 x 2 into their folds and though people are a bit resistant to it at first, the thing is that they have no choice when it becomes a requirement so nothing can be done about it anymore except comply with it.

Why 2 x 2?

In a sense, this is a weird question, but with no direct answer. It would seem that 1×1 for legal documents is too small, and 3×3 would be too much like your whole face covering a big part of the document. So you can say that 2 x 2 is just about the perfect size, not too small, and not too big. It would be just right enough to see and recognize your face and give the people in the consulate a good idea about who you are through your picture.

Just be good and follow the rules when processing your documents and it is required to have 2×2. It is for your own good and less hassle at the end of the day. And anyway, with digital technology for cameras today, securing a passport size photo is as easy as 1-2-3.

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