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Population of Los Angeles

The city of Los Angeles is denoted by L.A. it is the 2nd largest city in USA. It is the most popular city in the city of California. The city has ethnic diversity. It has Mediterranean climate. It has great place in American entertainment industry. The city has large coastal basin and it is surrounded by mountains in three sides. The mountain peak reaches up to 10,000 feet.

Population statistics

Los Angeles became municipality in 1850. It is the focal point of Los Angeles Metropolitan area and greater Los Angeles Area region. The populations of these two regions are 13 million and 18 million respectively as on 2010. The population as of July 1, 2014 was 3,928,864. The density of the city is 8,282/sq mi (3,198/km2).

Activities in Los Angeles

When you know ‘what is the population of Los Angeles’ you will also would like to know what makes it more populous city. The city has many attractions. You can find many things to do in this city. There are restaurants, night life, culture, sports and special events and activities which can be explored as per your lifestyle.

The city can be explored in the best possible way by knowing about various regions and things which can be available in the city. There are various kinds of hotels to stay which include family, value, hip, luxury, historic and business.

The food that is available in restaurants ranges from street food to 5-star food. The culinary impact of the LA impacts the entire nation. You can find best oceanfront dining facilities in southern California.

There are number of cultural attractions in LA. The city has more museums and theaters than any other city. There will be artwalks which take places on monthly basis. LA is the entertainment capital of the world.

You will have endless entertainment options in LA. The night life allows you to share simple drink with your chosen special one or you can mingle with thousands of people who are ready to dance with you all through the night. You will find some of the best cocktails in LA. The Laugh Factory and Hollywood Improv Comedy Club will let you laugh to the full extent.

LA hosts some of the world famous theme parks which include Disneyland, Universal Studios Hollywood and Six Flags Magic Mountain. You will have great film and TV fan entertainment through Paramount Pictures, Universal and Warner Brothers. There will be something for every family. There is scope for recreational activities and to take up adventurist activities such as hiking and biking. You can have great decompression at LS top spas.

It is possible to plan tours and attractions in a very efficient manner through online. If you are fond of shopping, you can explore it to the core as LA has many popular destinations. Some of the top shopping centers include Glendale Galleria, Beverly Center Hollywood & Highland and The Grove. Unique cultural gifts can be purchased at several outlets.

Regions to explore

The best places which can be explored in LA include beach cities, Beverly Hills, Downtown, Hollywood, neighboring regions, Pasadena, Santa Monica, West Hollywood and Westside.

LA has great coastal attractions. Malibu located south to San Pedro and the Port of Los Angeles has 27 miles of beaches. You can find sophisticated eateries in this region. You can find the world’s largest man-made small boat harbors in this region.

When you notice what is the population of Los Angeles you can understand the impact of entertainment facilities on it. If you have a ready script, you can come out with movie as studios will be equipped with every possible scene that might be used to produce the dramatic effect of your choice.

Beverly Hills is the prime vacation and business travel destination. The location offers more than 100 famous designer and couture boutiques. You will get luxurious serving in these hotels. It is the location where A-list movie stars had settled. The city has everything for entertainment, dining and relaxation.

Perhaps the greatest reason behind knowing what is the population of Los Angeles is the impact of Hollywood on LA. LA will be incomplete without mentioning Hollywood. It is the entertainment capital of the world. You will find state-of-the art rides and transformers at Universal Studios Hollywood. The shops and restaurants are located in the epi center of the city.

You can find great educational institutions, renowned cultural attractions and best hotels and restaurants at Pasadena. Gamble House, Norton Simon Museum and Pasadena Playhouse are great places to visit in this area. You can find top restaurants and great cultural attractions at Westside. High-end boutiques and magnet restaurants are top attractions at Westside. You can reach LA through various ways including land, sea and air. There are interstate highways and the city is popular for cars. Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) is one of the busiest airports in the world. Thousands of lights take off and land from LAX all through the year. The air port is located just 15 miles from LAX airport. The airport is well connected with road and rail.

Through train routes, LA is connected to various cities including California, San Diego, Santa Barbara and San Francisco. There are daily trains to Seattle and Chicago. World Cruise Terminal is the West Coast’s largest cruise terminal. About one million passengers embark on voyages all through the year.

Family-friendly attractions

The city has top family-friendly attractions. If you stay at Hilton Los Angeles or the Sheraton Universal, you will be closer to transformers. Kidspace Museum in Pasadena can be enjoyed by whole family members. Best family hotels in this region will entertain you so that you will have greatest level of satisfaction.

From cultural attractions to hotels and public transportation, sustainable practices are being implemented. Energy-efficient systems are installed and eco-friendly measures are implemented at every place. You would love to visit City of Los Angeles as it offers great scope to relax and explore the world’s entertainment capital.

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