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Population of Texas

Texas is a very large State in US which has deserts and pine forests. It has a river, Rio Grande which has border with Mexico. The biggest city in Texas is Houston. Works done by popular impressionist and renaissance painter is presented at Museum of Fine Arts. There will be interactive display at Space Center Houston which is engineered by NASA. Austin, the capital of Texas delivers great eclectic music.

Texas population

Texas, located at the south central part of US has border with Mexico. What is the population of Texas? Texas ranks 2nd in terms of population. The population of the state is 26,528,398. The increase in population in three years is 25.1 million. The growth rate of the state is 1.8%. The state ranks third in terms of economic growth rate.

The surface area of the State is 268, 581. There are different statistics for density. Texas offers varied terrain and there are high temperatures as well. These circumstances lead to different kinds of density statistics. There are three cities in Texas which have population higher than one million. These cities are Dallas, Houston and San Antonio. It is the 10th most populous city in the country.

There are six cities in Texas whose population is higher than 500,000. The population figure in 2010 is 25, 145,561. It was an increase of 20.6% from the 2000 figures. Texas recorded biggest jump in the population raise in between 1850 and 1860. The numbers jumped from 212, 592 to 604, 215. The large jump was 184.2%. Even though there are varying growth pattern in Texas, the growth is termed as stable over the past 100 years by US Census.

The largest European ancestry in Texas is English. 65.8% percentage of people who are above 5 years speak English. 0.75% speak Vietnamese and there are people who speak Chinese, German and Tagalog. German ancestry is 11.3%, Irish ancestry is 8.2% and English ancestry is 27%. The largest Black Americans are the highest racial minority in Texas. Surprisingly, the Native Americans are very small minority in the State. English is the main language in Texas. However, 27% of the population speak Spanish.

Growth of Texas

The growth of Texas is very stable. The growth can be predicted very easily than other parts of the world. There are 15 fastest growing cities in US. 8 of such cities are located in Texas. As you go know, what is the population of Texas you should be aware of the growth and its influence on US economy.

The growth is fueled by suburbs. Hence, the population of Texas is set to increase on a continuous basis. 51% of students in Texas are Hispanic.

The population will also increase because of the gas and oil development that has taken very recently. Hispanics consists of the major group in Texas. They are likely to become majority by 2020. The projected population of Texas is 35.8 million by 2040. The increase will be 150% from 1980s population.

The population of Texas is 8.28% of the country’s population. It is the second most populous country just behind California. Texas constitution was implemented and adapted in 1876. Through the constitution, powers were separated. There are executive, legal and legislative branches. The state has plural executive system. In addition to the secretary of state, there are members who are elected by the public directly. The elected officers are answerable to the public directly.

Texas has bicameral legislature. There are 150 members who will represent House of Representatives. Senate comprises of 31 members. Speaker will preside over the House of Representatives while the lieutenant governor will preside over Senate. New laws will be created and passed by the executive. Governor has the power to veto.

Education and Healthcare

The public education system is supervised by Texas Education Agency. There are public schools and charter school system. With more than 1000 public school districts present throughout the State. Most of these schools are independent from the government. The performance and productivity in education system will be assessed by StudentFirst organization. There is no annual evaluation of teachers so that it is not possible to assess the performance of teachers.

You should know what is the population of Texas and should be aware of developments in various sectors as well. The impact of population on facilities and the new developments should be studied. It is possible to plan resources in a very efficient manner when you are aware of the population growth. Educational facilities and healthcare facilities can be extended in a very efficient manner so that there will not be any kind of issues.

Texas has to improve in providing better healthcare facilities to its citizens. As per 2012 figures, 28.8% of the population is not insured. There is 17% population which is not insured. The immigration from Mexico is very high because of the proximity of the border. The cost of healthcare insurance will increase because of the large number of people not covered by insurance. As per estimates, there will be shortage of nurses by 2020.


By going through the population projections, all kinds of facilities can be provided to citizens in a very efficient manner. When there is an indication for substantial jump in population, necessary arrangements can be done so that citizens will not suffer. It is possible to carryout comparative studies with other states so that better amenities can be provided. The available resources can be utilized properly and it is possible to make the most of political and economic system.

A well planned state will deliver the goods without fail and the economic development will be in expected lines. If there is any deviation from the expected lines, suitable measures can be implemented so that the economy can be brought into the right track. You will also find various facts and figures when you go through the population statistics. The demographics will help you assess various aspects in a very efficient way and the state can be developed in all respects.

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