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Red Eye Flight

Lots of people talk about catching a red eye flight, but have you ever wondered what that really meant? When people don’t get enough sleep at night, their eyes can appear to be red because of the broken blood vessels that may occur. It’s an indication that they are tired and ready for bed. What is a red eye flight? It’s any flight that is scheduled to leave after 9pm and arrive before 5am the next morning.

Why do people take the Red Eye Flight?

Many people try to avoid these flights as much as possible. Here are some very good reasons why you should consider a red eye flight for your next travel plans.

#1. Red eye flights are often cheaper than other fares. It is not uncommon for late night flights to be 50% less than what the regular fare for a route happens to be. Many of these flights are only 3-4 hours in length as well, which means a 9:30pm flight might arrive at 1am, allowing you to still get a decent amount of sleep before starting off the next day.

#2. It is faster to get through security. Because there are fewer people who are generally taking these flights, it is a lot faster to make it through the security checkpoints that are required today. Be prepared to stand in line still, however, because staffing is reduced at airports for red eye flights. You can avoid some of this by still arriving about 90 minutes early in preparation of your flight.

#3. The environment is more laid back. What is a red eye flight? It is a chance to relax. Kids aren’t screaming because they are sleeping. Those who would normally be knocking about the cabin because they’re excited for a vacation and disturbing everyone else aren’t on these flights. You can often lean your seat back, settle in, and relax reasonably well.

#4. It preserves your time away from work. If you’re catching a mid-day flight for your travel plans and taking vacation time from work to do so, then you’ll lose an entire day of vacation just to travel. You could avoid that by taking a crowded weekend flight… or you could take a red eye flight and still put in a full day at work.

#5. You are more likely to have your stuff arrive with you. Airports are less busy on the overnight hours, which means there is less of a chance of the airline losing your luggage or breaking your stuff. You’ve also got more room in the overhead compartments because there is generally fewer people.

#6. You’ll arrive on time. From a statistical point of view, overnight flights are the best time to fly if timing matters. They are the most likely to depart and arrive on time. Even if there are delays, it is often easier to make up time lost on these later flights.

What is a red eye flight? It is a cost-effective and efficient method of travel. If you’re thinking about booking a flight today, then consider the late-night hours. It could be the best way to fly.

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