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Something we know about Mount Everest

Everyone knows Everest to be the highest mountain on the planet, but not everybody knows . This mount is located in the Himalayas, and its top is the highest point of the border, which lies between China and Nepal. The mountaineers have a choice of climbing the mountain either from the Chinese or from the Nepalese side. With that being said, on each side there is a base camp which is used by the mountaineers as the starting point on their way to the summit.

The most popular side to climb the highest mount on the planet is the Southern one, despite the fact that the transportation here is impossible due to geographic location. The most popular time to climb Mount Everest is spring, and the local people who live here help the climbers in carrying their equipment and supplies to the intermediate camps. These facts are widely known, though there is much we can learn about this summit, and a lot of useful information which is normally unknown to the public. So, what facts are still unknown? Let us take a look.

Everest is still growing!

It might sound strange, but the height of Everest, being 8.849 m, is not the final measurement. The reason is simple: due to the geographical situation in the region and certain way of moment of the lithosphere plates, seismic activity keeps pushing one plate onto the other, which makes Everest grow around 0.5 cm on yearly basis. So, in some time, the height of Everest will be greater and greater.

Extreme records of summiting Everest

The regular way to climb Everest usually includes serious training, usage of the proper equipment and supplementary oxygen during the summit, as due to the low pressure, the air is rarified, which makes the oxygen content two-thirds lower than in normal conditions. So, lack of oxygen is not only the main cause of sickness but it is one of the main causes of lethal issues on the top. Due to lack of oxygen, it is difficult to keep warm, as certain processes in the body do not allow doing that. However, back in 1980, an Italian mountaineer named Reinhold Messner managed to climb Everest without using any bottled oxygen. Later on, his example was followed by numerous brave climbers.

Another extreme, yet tragic, record belongs to Marco Siffardi, a 23-year-old sportsman, who managed to surf down from the Everest top on a board, having chosen the way along the Norton couloirs back in 2001. The following year, in 2002, he decided to take a chance on doing the same thing, but he disappeared on his way to the summit.

Back in 2007 there was set another extreme record, as Bill Ray managed to get over the top of the mountain in the Himalayas, using his paramotor.

Babu Chiri Sherpa was a person who set two records at once, as he managed to spend over 22 hours on the top of Everest without using any supplementary oxygen. Besides that, he managed to summit Everest in the shortest period of time, as in 1999 it took him only 17 hours to get to the top of the highest peak in the world.

Everest and modern communication technologies

The first message published from the Top of the World on the Internet was sent back in 2011. There appeared the first Twitter message, sent from the Everest peak by the user under the Kenton Cool nickname. He wrote that he was on the summit for the ninth time already, and the message was sent due to a weak, but still available, 3G signal. The device he used to send the message was a Samsung Galaxy S2.

The first phone call ever made from the top of Everest took place back in 2013. To the climbers it seemed like real magic, though both the Chinese and Nepalese government did not seem to be impressed with that happening. Moreover, this incident was deemed illegal by the Nepalese government.

Queue of mountaineers waiting for their turn to summit Everest

It is widely known that Everest is quite difficult to climb and not everyone manages to do that. Plus, the climbers are required pay to get permission to climb Everest. Despite these facts, back in 2012 there appeared a large queue of those who were willing to climb the mountain. The queue was so long that the climbers had to wait over two hours for their turn to summit. It sounds impressive, but during half of the day of May 19thover 230 people managed to summit Everest, having made up a tremendous queue to the peak.

This fact may make the reader consider the summit easy enough to reach; however, on this day, four people died during the expedition. After this fact, both the Chinese and Nepalese governments came up with the decision to arrange an additional route to the top and review the equipment which secures the climbers. Moreover, a question is being reviewed regarding installation of a special ladder which will secure the final step of summiting Everest and help avoid long queues.

An unexpected fact: Mt Everest, in fact, is not the tallest mountain on the planet


This is true, Everest is the highest point on the Earth; however, the mountain itself is not the tallest one in the world. It might sound surprising, but an inactive volcano in Hawaii, known as Mauna Kea, is the tallest mountain, though being located on the mountain range, which is lower than the sea level. With this being said, the height of this volcano is only 4.205 meters above sea level, but if we consider its height from the base, located at the bottom of the ocean, the height of the underwater portion of the volcano is around 6.000 meters. So, the total height of this Hawaii volcano is 10.200 meters, which makes it taller than Everest by over 1.000 meters.

There is another curious meaning regarding the question of whether Everest is really the highest peak in the world. Another mountain which is deemed to be higher than Everest in terms of its location above sea level is Chimborazo, which is only 6.267 meters high. However, considering the fact that Earth features a rather elliptical, rather than sphere shape, and the mountain is located only 1 degree to the South of the Equator, the summit of the mountain is located farther from the center of the Earth. This mathematical approach towards this question is another curious point of view which makes us doubt Everest as the highest mount in the world.

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