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What City Should I Live In

That is a good question which needs a good answer. Looking for a place to call home requires a lot of consideration including the cost of living, number of population, the people around you and many other things. It depends on you actually, even if you are just living in a sham, as long as you are comfortable and you have everything that you need you can call it your home. There are a lot of cities in the United States where you could choose to live. Before, I was wondering and keep on asking myself, «What city should I live in?» Then I made my decision to make Seattle my new home.

Short History of Seattle

Seattle was discovered in 1851. At first, little was its population. By the 19th century there has been a rapid growth. The first hospital was opened in 1878. Native Americans settled in Seattle many years ago before European settlers came and make the city their permanent home. The name Seattle was named in the honor of a Duwarmish Indian leader named Sealth.

The city got its first worst fire June 1889 when accidently flaming glue spilled on wood shavings that caused the fire destroying a large part of Seattle. The good thing about is that there are no casualties and new establishments rose in place of the burned ones. The Klondike Gold Rush prospered many inhabitants, locals and immigrants adding to the population figures.

By the 20th century numbers continue to grow as well as the industry. This is the time that the manufacturing of aircraft was born and was founded by William Boeing, naming a passenger plane after him.


Seattle is located in Washington and is a coastal seaport city. It is the largest city in Washington State and is the fastest growing major city in the whole United States. The city sits on an extensive strip of land between Puget Sound and Lake Washington waters. The Olympic peninsulas and Kitsap separate Seattle from the Pacific Ocean. The city has many streams, waterways and creeks such as the Arboretum Creek, Fauntleroy Creek and Thornton Creek. It is built on hills and surrounded by water with a mild climate which gives the best condition for plants to grow and animals to survive because of the bountiful natural resources.


Seattle has a temperate climate with few days of hot and sunny weather and a few days where it is extremely cold. During winter the average high temperature is 40°F to 50°F and everyday low temperature comes to 30°F. In summer, daily high temperature is 70°F and low is 50°F. Temperatures in spring and autumn fall from 50°F to 60°F. There are also occasional heat waves during summer.

It also rains in Seattle and is already a part of life in the city. The wettest and dampest months of the year would be from October to January. Snow falls on occasion but is not always and which sometimes produce snowstorms. You may wake up to a foggy morning which at some point could be dense especially if you live near the water. In general, the city is safe from natural phenomena such as tornadoes and hurricanes.

Best Places to Go in Seattle

Seattle has many places for sight-seeing or for activities like hiking, swimming or even shopping. You will find that your money is worth spending because this is just a one-time experience unless you decided to move here because the city has so much in store for you.

Mount Rainier National Park

Mount Rainier is the most attractive and the 4th highest peak in the US which is outside Alaska. It stands majestically inside the Mount Rainier National Park. The snow-capped mountain and forested foot hills secure several trails for hiking, vast range of plants and wildlife, and almost perfect conical peak that invites challenge for mountain climbers.

Found on the higher elevations are snow which covers mostly of the mountain while on the lower elevation, slopes are carpeted with wildflowers, green rainforests of western red cedars, Douglas firs and different rivers that make its way to the park. You will find the Grove of the Patriarchs on the park’s southeastern part together with the Douglas firs of about 1,000 years old.

The national park shelters almost all kinds of wildlife such as elk, black bear, deer, maintain goats and black bears. Summer is the best time to go here and see marmots basking in the sun and playing in the meadows.

Butchart Gardens

Butchart Gardens was created in 1904 and display a magnificent floral show from its different plant species. Gardeners and horticulturist will surely fall in love by these enchanting gardens. It covers 22 hectares of land that make different locations for different kinds of flowers and plants. There are sunken gardens and winter gardens inspired by the Japanese, walkways lined with roses, dahlias and colors of the fall. After being tired of walking and gazing at the beauty of the gardens there are some restaurants that offer great food and comfort while you eat.

Space Needle

Space Needle is an architectural wonder situated in Seattle which also serves as its icon and a landmark of the Pacific Northwest. It is an observation tower built in the Seattle Center with 25 lightning rods. It could withstand strong winds and earthquakes with a magnitude of up to 9.1 and its stability is credited to the 30 ft. deep and 120 ft. across hole that was dug to be filled up by concrete from 467 trucks.

It has an observation deck where you could get a general view of the Seattle skyline, Mount Rainier, Mount Baker, Elliot Bay and the Olympic and Cascade Mountains. Also Space Needle has a restaurant at 500 ft. which is called Skycity. Elevators are used to reach the top of the great tower.

Green Lake Park

The parks is a natural habitat for hundreds of plants and trees species and wildlife especially birds and waterfowl. Green Lake offers excellent recreational activities for skaters, bikers, walkers and runners. This is also a perfect place for having picnics, boating or swimming.

Green Lake was formed by the Vashon Glacial Ice Sheet according to geologists. The dredging of Green Lake produced volcanic ash from the Glacier Peak eruption.

Kubota Gardens

Kubota Garden is a Japanese garden of 20 acres that is situated in the Rainier Beach neighborhood of Seattle, WA. The park opens its doors to the public since 1987 but was started by Fujitaro Kubota in 1927 when he migrated from Shikoku, Japan.

The vision of the garden is to share to the public the understanding and appreciation of the Japanese Gardens. It is open to the public every day during the day. Most visitors comprise of garden clubs, senior groups, tourists and school children. The bests place to visit here are Tom Kubota Stroll Garden, Mountainside, Kubota Terrace, Necklace of Ponds and the Bamboo Grove.

Washington Park Arboretum

Washington Park has a playfield and houses the Seattle Japanese Garden that features a lake filled with kois and turtles, and the Arboretum Creek. It is one of Seattle’s public parks and was taken over by the Washington Park Arboretum. It covers about 200 acres of land on the Lake Washington shore. It is surrounded by 40,000 trees and plants of all sorts. The highlights of this park includes picnics, hiking, kayaking or canoeing and get mesmerized with the beauty of different plants, flowers and trees anytime of the year.

Woodland Park Zoo

This zoological garden is located around Phinney Ridge in Seattle’s neighborhood. It started as a small collection of animals and now houses thousands of different varieties of plants and animals. It features different exhibits that won the park zoo many citations and awards. Among these exhibits are the Tropical Rain Forest where you will see animals found in the tropics; African Savanna that features animals that live in the savannas of Africa; Temperate Forest houses animals of different varieties that live in the temperate climates of Asia and of North and South America and animals that live here are exotic birds, red pandas and others. It also includes Zoomazium which is a nature-themed and interactive playspace for children.

Pike Place Market

This is a famous public market in Seattle which opened its stores on August 17, 1907 and still operating. It is the place where many small time farmers, craftspeople as well as merchants sell their produce and wares. The market was named after the central street where selling and bargaining takes place.

Pike Place Market is the most popular tourist attraction in Seattle with more than 10 million visits a year from tourists. It was built on a steep hill’s edge and has different kinds of shops including antique dealers, restaurants and collectible shops.

Some of the Reasons why You Should Live in Seattle

America’s Best Coffee City is Seattle and one of the most favorite here is Starbucks where it was born.

Seattle is called the Emerald City because of the colors of the leaves from plants and trees all over the metro. This is due to the ample rainfalls that provide them nourishment giving them vivid and healthy colors which is pleasing to the eyes.

If you want to find a good paying and descent job, then land one on Seattle’s big companies or establishments and be one of those who will get a raise of $15 per hour minimum wage.

Same sex marriage is allowed in Seattle and many people support it.

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