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What is warped tour?

Ever heard of a travelling music festival? If you are wondering what is Warped Tour, it is basically a popular sports and music festival that became well-known for travelling around the US, Canada, Europe and even as far as Asia. This is the largest travelling music festival in the World. This event is usually held in parking lots or fields where a stage is setup just for this happening. Warped tour has been sponsored by Vans since 1995, it has been dubbed Vans Warped Tour ever since this skateboard shoe brand supported this event.

How it All Started

In 1995, Kevin Lyman conceived the idea of the Warped Tour. It was produced by Vans and Creative Artists Agency and the tour kicked off on June 21, 1995 at its first venue, the Idaho Center in Boise Idaho. It traveled forward and the tour ended on August 18 at another location which was at the Comerica Park parking lot in Detroit.

During the early years of this unique music festival, the locations were confined to the geographic limits of the United Sates. In 1998, the Warped Tour was launched internationally to include Australia, Japan, Europe and Canada.

What to Expect in a Warped Tour

The Vans Warped Tour is a one-of-a-kind music festival that features as many as 100 bands per show. One show would usually last for 10 hours, from 11 am to 9pm in the evening, with multiple bands playing all at once every 30 minutes in different stages set-up around the venue. For each venue there are 2 main stages, strategically set-up in an acceptable distance from each one that will allow each band to play their music without being drowned out by another band’s performance in another stage.

In 2009, the traditional two stages were condensed into one and bands were given 40-minute sets instead of the usual 30-minute time allowance for each band. In 2010, the two main stages concept was adapted again and has been the unchanged practice ever since, plus each band were allowed to have 35-minute sets instead of just 30 minutes.

The tour initially started as a punk rock music festival but has evolved to include also metal, hardcore, pop punk and street punk music genres. Aside from the entertainment and music, this travelling tour also includes a place for openly selling merchandise, as well as booths for the press and independent record publishers. The tour has also facilities or an adult day care, for parents who are accompanying their children to the tour ever since Kevin Lyman allowed parents free admission to the Warped Tour in 2013. Can anything get cooler than all that? What is Warped Tour without Kevin Lyman and his team’s bright ideas? It wouldn’t be as fabulous as every year’s line-up, I’m sure of that.

Another unique component of the Warped Tour is the Lesson Lab tent where musicians give music lessons to beginners. This is a major part of this tour and is backed by the Percussive Marketing Council which provides the free drum lessons to concert-goers who are interested in learning this instrument. The Warped Tour has a mobile studio for music lessons and this is located inside the John Lennon Bus, which aims to educate young people attending the Warped music festival about music.

What is warped tour

What to Look Out for This Year: Warped Tour 2015

Summer is coming and the launch is just months away, you are probably wondering, what is Warped Tour up to this year? Here is a teaser on what to expect from the Vans Warped Tour.

This year the Warped Tour opening will be on June 19 at Pomona, California and will play all the way through, making 40 stops and concluding on August 8 at Seattle, Washington. All the venues are yet to be announced. Punk rock fans, boys and girls here is a partial list of bands and artists to watch out for this year that will be playing at the different venues:

We Came as Romans, Attila, Memphis May Fire, August Burns Red, Drama Club, A+ Dropouts, False Puppet, Citizen, Man Overboard, Carousel Kings, Silverstein, Mallory Knox, American Opera, Aaron West and The Roaring Twenties Brian, Marquis, Grey Gordon, Buttons, Koji, Onward, Meghann Wright, SayWeCanFly, Transit, Speak Low If You Speak Love, Motion City Soundtrack, New Years Day, Major League, Set It Off, Alvarez Kings, The Karma Killers, PUP, Mod Sun, Babe Rexha, Emarosa,’68, MS Lars, Juliet Simms, Seaway,This Wild Life, The Amity Affliction, Jule Vera, Our Last Night, Riff Raff, Slaves, BoyMeetsWorld, I Killed The Prom Queen, Candy Hearts, Sirens And Sailors, Born Cages, While She Sleeps, Rotting Out, Matchbook Romance, The Relapse Symphony, Black Boots, The Wonder Years, Escape The Fate, Crossfaith, Hands Like Houses, Fit For A King, Alive Like Me, and Splitbreed

For a complete list, check out the updates on the official Vans Warped Tour Website and the tour dates. You may also start purchasing your tickets once the music festival is somewhere in your neighborhood. Another good thing about the Warped Tour is that tickets are usually cheaper and affordable compared to other music festivals.

A new element of comedy will be added to this year’s Warp Tour, which includes several comedians who will be performing at the tour’s Comedy Tent. Here are some of the performers and the dates that they will be joining in this year’s warped tour:

Beth Stelling (June 19 to 26)

Grant Cotter/Sammy Obeid (June 19 to 30)

Chase Bernstein (June 27 to July 12)

Dave Ross (July 1 to 12)

Sandy Danto (July 26 to August 8)

Eli Olsberg/Eric Swartz (July 26 to August 8)

So, if you’re still in the dark on what is Warped Tour offering the audience this year, the above details will leave you excited to get your own ticket for the event near you.

When asked by others what is Warped Tour all about, it’s just right to say that it’s not just about the music or the bands but more of the community of music lovers and fans that make the whole festival fun, educational and unique. It’s the kind of music tour that you have to attend at least once in your lifetime. Don’t miss it this year!

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